….I wanna feel your fingertips
as they graze across my skin,
I don’t care that your married
your the perfect little sin,
Link my arms around your neck
My thumb to grace your lips,
Pull you closer to me
want your hands upon my hips,
Kiss you feel
my pleasure surge,
Just can’t fight this
need this urge,
Wrap your arms
around my waist,
I need so bad
for your sweet taste
Hold you closer
lost in time,
Man I want you
to be mine,
Lose myself
in lovers kiss,
Just can’t help
my heartbeat miss,
Need so bad
your tender touch,
And you know not
just how much,
My hunger for you
needs to be fed,
Lay upon
this soft clean bed,
Your hands to my arms
grasp each wrist,
And to each of them
lay tender kiss,
Down my neck
across my shoulder,
My breathing shallow
you feel bolder,
Clothes I wear
a top so thin,
Feel the heat
cascades within,
Just need more
of your sweet taste,
Your fingers dance
across my waist,
Our clothes get lost
upon the floor,
Just can’t help I
need you more,
Feel your heat
upon my skin,
Told you
your the perfect sin,
Your lips they set
my skin on fire,
Look at me
your my desire,
Enter me spark embers
set me alight,
Our passions escape
sounds heard in the night….