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~ Untitled form the heart…. ~



Be strong be strong

they can’t see you cry,

Be the strong one

this is not a goodbye,

Some days weeks months

but not for to long,

Let just the page see your tears

be these words your heart song,

We need you we need you

your our rock anchor glue,

Your the magic word family

that binds us so true,

Get better get well

the recovery will be slow,

You are our heart

we need you so,

Be strong be strong

can’t let them see me cry,

Show everyone I’m strong

only these words see the lie,

Partner dad your our center

you hold us together so true,

Get well soon my love

your our rock anchor glue,

Only words will see me break

we really need you….





~ It takes time…. ~

How did you do it I

heard her say,

What were you thinking

on that desperate day,

And I thought and I thought

and I thought some more,

The release as I watched

the blood on the floor,

Drop drip drops

the blood hits the ground,

And my heart beating loud in my ears

the only sound,

Blood life blood the strangest red

and I watched mesmerized,

As all around me

my life capsized,

The banging fading

as down the tiles I did slide,

Screaming so surreal

as calmness washed like a tide,

She’s unconscious a mans voice said

as I embraced the pure black,

Sometimes voices floated

but in the calmness I lost track,

“…..” there it is again

a man’s calling my name,

I wanna stay in the black

not face the world play its game,

The waitress with coffee breaks my thought

My friend looking at me with a smile,

Thinking about how far I’ve come

and the times I thought it not worth while,

Does it matter? I say

as I give a soft sigh,

You’ve got so much that’s good

so I can’t help but wonder why?,

Nothing was good

way back then,

I needed to hit that self destruct button learn to accept me for me

learn to smile and breathe again….


~ I hope…. ~

I hope one day
someone intoxicates you,
I hope they make your skin burn with just a look a touch
make your veins flame right through,
I hope this person you feel
can you have never,
And that it doesn’t matter the years
you always feel about them forever,
I hope their voice
tips your balance inside,
So your grip on normality
momentarily goes on the slide,
I hope their smell makes you weak
their words the power to break your heart,
And above all
above all….
I hope they realise the effect
they have on you,
And that they fall so deeply
in love with you to….


….Just me….



We all have a song for the moment…. A song that says how we’re feeling for maybe the hour or day or we might be having just one of those months and a particular song expresses it better than we can….

My song for the moment is currently Nickelback “Trying not to love you”

I’m gonna leave you a little of the lyrics and, because I doubt I’ll post tomorrow. I’m gonna leave you all a wish for a relaxing, happy weekend full of people and places that make you happy.x.

“But if there’s a pill to help me forget,
God knows I haven’t found it yet
But I’m dying to, God I’m trying to

‘Cause trying not to love you, only goes so far
And trying not to need you, is tearing me apart
Can’t see the silver lining, from down here on the floor
And I just keep on trying, but I don’t know what for
‘Cause trying not to love you
Only makes me love you more”


~ Hurt…. ~



All I wanna do is reach out and touch you

speak aloud and call your name,

I wanna tell you that this is killing me 

i’m breaking I’m not the same,

Inside I’m falling


It’s ripped a jagged hole

in my heart,

A hole that’s never gonna heal

no never never not for years,

And my eyes they can’t stop filling

can’t stop shedding all these tears,

Those words that said

no more,

And I walked out 

the door,

That text i read 

my heart it did slice,

It turned my world upside down

turned my happy core to ice,

You betrayed 


You played


You asked her when she was free next

so you could touch tongues and so much more,

This hurts so much I can’t breathe

my heart left bleeding on the floor,

The texts like pictures they play

on my mind,

You did this while you were around me

and I never suspected because your just so kind,

Now when I breathe it burns

my soul,

There’s only darkness cause

you are my whole,

I threw your phone at you so numb

then I sat outside the back door,

It feels like you’ve knifed me a thousand times

then laughed as I bleed

            bleed all over the floor….





Inspired by a post on bribruceproductions blog. Thank you for the inspiration! .x.



Little thoughts….

If I could hand you my heart
then you would see,
Just how much
you mean to me,
For there where all
my secrets keep,
Is cut your name
so very deep….


….Not to be finished….

Help me for I have sinned I have
fallen in love with another,
Help me for I have sinned
another man I wish as my lover,
I try hard to escape him
from my dark mind,
Yet he’s always there
i find I find,
Intoxicated by him
always I have been,
The many different sides I’ve
seen I’ve seen,
It happened so slowly
i did not see,
He took a piece of my heart wrote his name on the rest
how did I not see til to late the affect he has on me….


I couldn’t finish this. I did try, it should be at least 8 lines longer…. But I suppose that sometimes that’s the problem with writing…. A little to much of “us” spills out…. A little to much more than we want anyway…..x.

~ You…. ~

( Part 2 )

Laying in this bed

no sleep all night it’s true,

My thoughts they have spun

intoxicated by you,

I hold the pillow


Don’t know why

it just feels right,

I take all these words

and cast them out,

I can’t fight against this much longer

no I just won’t shout,

Your smell your smell

enveloping wrapping its tendrils around,

I am lost on your smell

to every sound,

This pillow this quilt this room

everywhere I look everything I see,

All set to play its part

to remind me of you to have an effect on me,

I’m an addict

and your a drug so true,

I’m just hopelessly helplessly addicted

to you….

But no its not an addiction

with you it’s so much more,

You take away my standing

and leave me on the floor,

Everything’s up and

whats up is down,

Everything’s right but wrong

but spun around,

It’s fresh but not new

just comforting quiet and old,

It plays ever so slowly

and yet a story unfold,

Those words they hit me

with the force of a car,

Those ending words

those true words are,

“And I am lost on every


“Until there’s nothing no thought but you

til I hit the ground….”


….For you….

….All ways for you….

Just a little thought….

They say that
  The best poets
       Are heartbroken….

Every time you
   Break my heart
       The best words spill
            So maybe it’s true….

So will you take me
   Will you make me
       Will you break my heart
            Once more….?

Will you crush me
   Will you break me
       Leave me bleeding
            On the floor….


For  ……  .x.



Eye heavy with

a thousand tears unshed,

Heart breaking with hurt

a million drops not bled,

Feelings crushed

broken raw,

Give up succumb to it

emotions tattered on the floor,

A hundred thousand million years may pass

when I am nothing but the forgotten shadow of dust,

When all that is left is a ghosted echo of spirit

where my heart broke for you on the floor just rust,

Were my essence if could

would give up forever just to touch you,

To feel like the breeze a sweet caress around you

and feel your heartbeat strong and true,

To remember the bitter sweet

of the memories gone by but no more,

A ghost trapped in time

left to wander behind your door,

For now eye still heavy

with a thousand tears unshed,

A heart breaking so hard

a million drops still unbled,

Skin cut open trying 

to get your name out,

Nothing but a whimper

no never never can shout,

The echo’ed ticking of the clock

seconds minutes hours days,

Sharp intake of breath

move forward in ways,

Feelings still crushed

broken and raw,

Emotions like tattered lace

splay patterns across the floor….




Inspired by…. Nickelback “Lullaby”

Train “Hopelessly”

The Goo Goo Dolls “Iris” and “Name (New version)”



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