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~ Tyst lilla snöflinga…. ~

Hush little snowflake

so gently you fall,

Hush little snowflake

so softly you call,

As all of the snow 

falls to the ground,

You are so different 

you swirl twirl around,

You follow you captivate

and you dance way up high,

So noticeable you weave

around the night sky,

 Dance around the man

who’s walking his dog,

Then wait for them to catch up

you land on a log,

You effortlessly glide

on the wintry breeze,

As the wind ruffles branches

of all the pine trees,

Swirl around the man 

and slowly whisper slowly call,

Tell him a secret

just one not all,

Land on his shoulder

a promise of touch,

He is going home with his dog

and that means much,

Float up little snowflake

swirl turn around,

Swirl around the dog make her bark

and jump off the ground,

Dance little snowflake

dance up high,

Sing little snowflake

sing for me 

  a goodbye….


For Pelle and Winna,

Thank you for the inspiration.



~ Water so red…. ~



red water

I walked along the waters edge

so red so red,

So full of 


A hundred souls lives taken

in fight,

Their eerie cry’s echo 

in mist in the night,

They fought in battle

let loose their war cry,

In the name of their king

they were willing to die,

They won they won

and yet and still,

The fighting goes on

under the water until,

Their souls can break free

and rise up to the sky,

The souls they keep fighting

they don’t question why,

So I stand at the water

so bloodied so red,

And I remember the men

all of them dead,

Their cries of battle

always heard in the night,

The water churns red

until the first light….


Thank you for the picture and inspiration, you know who you are….



My perfection

is that I’m imperfect….

Only by accepting my flaws

am I perfect….

My imperfections make me perfect

they make me who I am

and most importantly,

who I’m meant to be.

By accepting I’m not perfect ( nor will I ever be ),

I am stronger….


~ Make a memory…. ~



Come walk with me in silence

as we walk along the sand,

The sea far in the distance

like a shimmering distant land,

Show me your perspective

show me what you see,

Show me the rock pools crabs and secrets

and the things you know to be,

The soft wet sand skims endless

a ripple from a breeze,

Clearest blue of skies

the only shadow cast by far off trees,

Make me smile as only you can do

as I listen to you talk,

Make the perfect memory

as in silence we do walk….




~ …. For M. You always inspire me to write. Hugs you so much and care about you loads.x.x. …. ~



~ ? …. ~



Softly whisper

softly hear,

Those words I long

so dear so clear,

Talk me a spell

whispered on the breeze,

Weave your magic

through the trees,

Down hills over valleys

across the sea,

Whisper your magic

tell it to me,

A train sounds in the distance

a soft-ish clickity  clack,

Then slowly disappears fading

it changed its course its track,

The pit pit pitter-patter

of sweet soft summer rain,

It tells a wondrous story

makes me love you more again,

I listen to those whispered words

your spells eerie echo’ed song,

And I know I’ll fall in love

so deeply forever and for so long,

Show me your stars as I’m coming closer

cascade your rain upon my skin,

Over flow me with emotion

till it pours forth from within,

Show me again your smile

before you turn to go,

Let me feel your warmth your sweet embrace

then turn your back as over you tell me so….





~ Inspired by a photo…. ~



So softly I

heard your ghosted laugh,

A reminder of all the memories

that have past,

I wondered bare foot through

the woods,

Your words ringing quite clearly

“babe you just can’t love me, I’m such damaged goods,

The mist it curled

around my feet,

Tendrils curling up my legs

and with a shadowed iciness it did greet,

I carried on with thoughts of you out into the clearing

towards the shore,

And suddenly I realized I

don’t need you any more,

It was always in my mind

as my hearts a whirlwind you couldn’t touch,

The mist releases your ghosted laugh

makes me smile so very much….






(I miss you….)

I’ve never felt so empty so lost

and so in need,

of your words as I do right now….

I’ve never wanted to be in your


as much as I do at this moment….

I’ve never longed for the sound

of your oh so sexy voice,

like I do now….

I’ve never missed

the warm comforting smell of you,

like this before….

This is new….

This is wrong….

…. I think

I’m falling….


( Inspired by a funny frog.x. )

~ Here…. ~



You tell yourself

that it’s okay,

It doesn’t matter


But when all this

comes crashing down,

And it gets so high

that you could drown,

When the thoughts explode

inside your head,

And you start wishing

you were dead,

I’ll be


When you feel alone I’ll be 


Whether you want to walk in silence

or you need to talk or off load,

I care about how your feeling

and with you I’ll walk that road,

I’ll stay with you in your darkness

until the sun shines for you again,

I’ll be here when you need someone

i care about you friend….





~ Moment…. ~



And I watched them move

the trees swayed so soft against the still,

In the lonely midnight hour

the shadows danced and I watched until,

The lightening of the sky

the first signs of the dawn,

It slowly stretched its tendrils

an awakening across the lawn,

The morning dewdrops

glistened with ease,

The flowers shook

with the gentle breeze,

The light it crept

with a wondering sigh,

The sun rose slowly

to face the sky,

The shadows receding

all but disappeared,

My body weary

my eyes they teared,

Do you ever get a chance

to watch the dawn,

To see the early morning light

the start of the morn,

Your life so busy

do you ever find the time,

If not then with you I’ll

share this moment of mine….






~ Know then…. ~

I hate you because 

I care about you….

I don’t like you and I never want to see you ever again

But those words I just wrote were a lie….

You have a part of my heart no one else can claim

Your name cut there so deep….

All these years have past and our lives drift and then re-collide

All these years have past and I care so deeply about you the same if not more….

I’m so very very afraid of  you

And that’s because I feel so much….

You have the power to hurt me and that’s a scary thing

But all I can do is sharpen the blade….

Sharpen the blade before I hand it to you

The first cut is always the deepest the most deadly….

So wrap your self around me and break me….

Kill me softly….

Kill me slow….

And as my tears fall and my walls topple and crumble

As like fragile glass I shatter….

Until all that’s left is me

a mixed up soul that’s still learning….

Know then 

As you hold the blade in your hand….

See then, feel then, know then

That my words are not just words, they are truths….

Know then, and know 

That I care….


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