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~ Bedtime Story…. ~

At bed time I often make something up for my children, a poem, a story, something. I’m sharing this little one with you all. It’s not the best, far from it but, they liked it.

I dream’t  of my aunt

she wanted a kiss,

I gave a big shudder

I wish I could miss,

Walking on a chessboard

I stood beside a knight,

The air around him deadly

imagine my sheer fright,

So scared I ran

across the board,

A battle around me

as each side fought and scored,

Stepping through the shrubbery

I entered a hollow clearing,

And then a deafening noise

just what could I be hearing,

A giant bird swooped down

it’s talons all bright red,

Shouting I awoke

as I tumbled out of bed,

I thundered down the hallway

into my parents room,

Dad snoring my mom sleeping

as I looked into the gloom,

I heard a creak in the hall and scrambled

over my dads feet,

Up beside my mom

and with a warm hug she did greet,

Just as I was feeling safe

I felt something creeping up my thigh,

And as I was….

….about to shriek….

mom said “Anthony! Your scaring your brother…. Why?”




As my boys like to play tricks and scare one another this gives giggles and the phrases “Yeah and it was me that scared you!” “You just wait till your asleep, I’m gonna get you”. And others. Followed by more laughter.  🙂


(Start behaving or I’m gonna turn you into a toad!!!!)

~ Spell ~

Geophizz and                          


The wings off a fairy                                  

a fat pink frog,                                          

Shelves and tables                                        

all laden with books,                                      

Spiders on their webs in niches                                

and nooks,                              

A cauldron on a hook                              

above flames alight,                                        

Plumes of colored smoke                                                  

escape to the night,                                          

A shadow moves                          

around the gloom,                      

The caged animals try to hide                                        

with the impending doom,                                                      

A stunning silver bird                                    

is plucked from the rest,                                          

It’s fragile heart                      

ripped out of it’s chest,                                                    

As some words are said                                                

it’s held up high,                                      

Then thrown in the cauldron                                  

it’s last scream is why,                              

The smoke turns red                            

the last chanting s begun,                          

The spell weavers words                            

will not be undone….   



Come with me to the big oak tree

we’ll sit under the sky,

The sun shines down through lazy breeze

as we watch the dragonfly,

The blades of grass

all shades of green,

Some ladybugs and

a cricket unseen,

On this hill as we lay

back relax and close our eyes to cloudless sky,

A gentle breeze through dappled shadows

makes the big tree sigh,

As I lay here next to you dear friend

I contemplate on why,

5 minutes out

from our busy lives,

Demanding partners

children wives,

5 minutes to listen

to the oak tree sigh,

5 minutes to look

at the cloudless sky….

The great thing about good friends is you don’t always need conversation…. Sometimes just being with them in the quietness….the stillness……..   Just take 5 minutes….


In which I go backwards to try going forwards again and catch those letters….Or maybe I just need a bigger net?

So, I haven’t been here in a while(writing I mean).  I’ve been here reading, reading all of your posts(yeah I know I’m rubbish when it comes to commenting) but still, I have been reading! Once upon a time writing was an amazing thing to do, something that was far beyond me. We all learn to write I hear you say, did those stories when we were 7,8 and 9? Well no I didn’t! I went to 5 schools as a kid and the only thing they all had in common was that if, you knew the basics they would help and teach you. If you didn’t,  you’d get coloring’s and stories to listen to. I didn’t. When I started secondary I could spell about 10 words, 3 being my 1st, 2nd and last names. I had to get to year 9 before things finally started making sense. Sad? No. It was life and as I came from a screwed up background it was the norm.

I used to look at at people who could write and feel so envious, how could they capture life and stick it on a piece of paper? How did they get the pen to flow? Would I ever be able to do what they did? The answer came when I moved schools. I was in yr 10 and had found myself at yet another secondary school, my previous school had said that I wasn’t very intelligent  and was very disruptive(true). To put me in the correct set for English the head of department asked me to write about myself, just a page. I’d done half a page when he had a look and saw how it was going and there, he saw the potential! It was there I could write!! I ended up in 2nd set being disruptive kept me out of 1st  😦

So school over and I can write. Life goes on I write in books, scraps of paper, napkins, receipts what ever I find, I write on the internet, I delete it all, life carries on…. I find word press I start tipping my mind out onto the keyboard  and come to now…. Where have the words gone? I can’t make a poem any more…. It appears that spark that thing I need to write has done a runner. If you see it please give it a good kick up the …. and send it on its way home, Thanks!!

Until it comes back, I’m gonna keep reading all your posts (and as usual not commenting).

I’m gonna carry on being with the people that make me happiest…. my children….

Well, if you managed to make it to end(this is it!) with out falling asleep, and no, matchsticks propping your eyes open don’t count (that just makes you look funny), I’m going to post a picture, it’s new and every time I see it I just have to smile….

That’s my baby girl, the youngest of 6. Dare you not to smile  🙂

Happy hugs all and smiles your way.x.


~ Ruby-Jade’s poem ~

~ Dreamscape ~


I hope that you see starlight                                          

and majestic fireflies,                                              

Fairies in luminescent moonlight                                                    

cascading light across night skies,                                                  

 Dreaming as you slumber                                  

of shooting stars that explode with a bang,                                                                  

Revealing lots of sparkles they remind you                                                                    

of the water nymphs laughter as they sang,                                                

And as the pixies dance                                      

the night away,                                            

The tree nymph talks to the unicorn                  

about the coming day,                                              

The leprechauns talk to the wise old owl                                                        

 up in the old oak tree,                                    

 And two little fairies fly in and out                                                                          

of the ivy grown wild and free,                                                        

The soft wind carries a lullaby                                                      

 a melody on the breeze,                                      

A reminder for all that it’s time for bed                                                            

come flying through the trees,                                                    

As all the gathering                                

go home to bed,                                                              

You dream on under your soft quilt                            

pillow under your head,                                            

The sun it does now slowly rise                                                                        

and kisses your pink blossom cheeks,                                                  

And I know that you will be back to your dream shores                                                                        

of merriment and laughter while  the rest of us sleeps….





~ For you all…. ~

Well hello, thanks for taking the time to read this…. I wanted to ask you all to help me with some inspiration….

I’ve noticed everything I write just lately is on the dark side and I want to add a bit of light to it.

So here goes….

Will as many people as possible answer this question for me in the comment section….

What makes you happy?

Thank you for reading and I look forward to any comments you leave.

A special thank you to all the people who are following me and who like my poems.

Happy hugs your way.x.x.

Am I a big kid?

Yup I am!!

Off to London today and my mind screams “Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!! The stress of kids on the train!!!!!!!!”

This is swiftly replaced by one word….


Can’t you tell I’m female?!!

Have a fab weekend all.x.

~ A story ~

Holly’s story

~ Shush! ~

Look at the stars all sparkly and bright.

Look at the moon all round and white.

Go slowly down through the fluffy clouds, go down to the  big oak tree.

Who is sleeping?

who can we see?

Look there is squirrel with mummy and daddy, all curled up safe and snug. Oh look there is the great big owl, looking at us before he fly’s away.

Whats that? Can you hear it? Can you hear that noise?


Lets go down to the long green grass. Lets go see who’s there….

Oh look it’s hedgehog, shuffling his feet and snuffling his nose.

Shush! don’t scare him.

Lets be quiet and let him go.

I wonder, can you hear that noise? It sounds like snoring!

Let’s go see who’s snoring!

Shush! It’s Duck snoring!

Can you hear?


Shush,  lets be quiet,don’t wake duck up….

Who else can we see?

Look its Frog hopping on the lily pads, Frog is going to play with his friends….

Splash! They jump off the lily pads. Splash! they jump of the log.

Shush! Lets be quiet not to scare them.

Lets keep going.

Lets go to the farm, I wonder who we will see?

Shush! Lets be quiet! We don’t want to wake anyone.

Who is in the barn?

Oh look! It’s Cow! and her mummy and daddy the Bull.

Shush! Don’t wake them, they are sleeping.

Lets be quiet.

Look there is pig in her stall, look all the baby piglets are sleeping.

Shush! Don’t wake them! Lets be very quiet, shush lets go!

Look there is horse and her mummy.

Shush they are sleeping. Lets be quiet.

As we leave we see cat asleep on the hay, shush! Don’t wake cat, let her sleep.

Let’s take a look at the hen house, I wonder if the hens are asleep?

Let’s look quietly.

All the hens  are sleeping, the baby chicks too.

Lets be quiet, we don’t to wake them.


Let’s sneak past dog, we must be very, very quiet. Tiptoe, tiptoe past dog.

Shush not to wake him!


Listen! Whats that noise?

It is goose and goat.

Shush! Don’t wake them! Lets be quiet! Shush!

Lets go look in the meadow.  Who will we find?

Look! It’s Fox running with her cubs! Lets be quiet and not scare them.


Look! There is Mouse! Shush, we will frighten her! She is looking for food.

Lets be quiet!

Lets go back to the farm.

Creep past Goose and Goat sleeping, sneak past Dog sleeping, lets be really quiet.

Look everyone in the farm house is sleeping!

Shush! Look!

Farmer and farmers wife are sleeping, farmers daughter and baby are sleeping.

The Farmers family get up very, very early.

Shush! Lets be quiet not to wake them

Lets go back to the pond but, shush! Lets be quiet.

Lets go back through the grass and back up the big oak tree. Shush! We must be quiet….

Slowly we look up through the fluffy clouds, up at the sparkly stars. We look at the big bright moon.

The world is asleep….


Good night!

The above was written for my 2yr old with the emphasis on being quiet and the fact that she has to shush! Hope you all like it. I found its just long enough that as I finish telling her it, her eyes are closing for sleep!

Happy hugs all and may you all have a fantastic day!

Take care, Nem.x.

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