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Arm curls around

hand on waist,

The atmosphere heavy with

desire laced,

Looks into deep brown eyes

breathing shallows then breath held,

Hunger need passion

feelings welled,

Body sparks alight

with salacious need,

Kisses across neck and shoulder


Shirt falls to the floor

and then a moment of honesty,

He looks and says

“if your looking for love it sure as hell ain’t me”,

She reaches up

pulls him into a kiss,

Kiss deepens passion spikes

heartbeat miss,

“I know” she breathes

upon his lips,

He pulls her flush against him

hands on her hips,

His soft sultry kisses

from shoulder to shoulder,

Her breathing shallows

her hands getting bolder,

Laying on the bed

her nipples harden at his touch,

Need spinning them along

she wants him so much,

This moment can say but

a thousand word,

Her moan at his touch

the only sound heard….



~ Hunger…. ~


Slipping through my fingers

like some unrelenting vine,

Your fingers pull me closer

as they slip caress entwine,

I feel your pulse against me

you look down into my eyes,

What you want so plain to see

a want you don’t disguise….



~ your always busy…. ~

( Flip side of the coin….)


Your always busy shopping cooking cleaning

always on the go,

You never stop so that I’m in awe of you

but you never want to know,

I want to be there for you

but I feel I’m no good,

I watch you with the children

and I feel under par just misunderstood,

I like life

in black and white,

When all are asleep and it’s time for talking your knackered

another early night,

We’ve strayed off

the “us” path,

I miss the you the me the us

your smile your laugh….



(One side of the coin….)


You don’t seem

to care,

Your always busy

never there,

I need a little affection

to survive,

Without it I don’t function properly

don’t thrive,

I’m left feeling as though

all I do is wrong,

And this path where nothing I do is right

is long,

I can’t be strong about this

emotionally I’m weak,

It’s getting to the point

where now I don’t speak,

Would you even notice

if I left and wasn’t here,

Would you even miss me

if I was no longer near….





~ Watching when you sleep…. ~


( A little thought…. )


I don’t know why

sometimes its just confusion,

Has me wondering 

if its an illusion,

I could lay for hours

and watch you sleep,

I wonder at the secrets

your dreaming mind does keep,

Your eyelids flutter

as you dream,

And I get to wondering

what’s it mean,

Your dreamstine


Only time

your never mine,

The time

your vulnerable,


even more lovable,

A slight frown

and I wonder what your thinking,

When I’m around you

sometimes I feel I’m sinking,

That around you I’m out of my depth

like your on a plateau above,

And I’m lowly insignificant

a lonely foxglove,

You move just a fraction

and slowly open your eyes,

Greeny-brown looks at me

like I’ve been wearing the ring of gyes*,

You smile and it disarms me

and my thoughts they disappear,

A warmness envelopes me

one I only get when you are near….




(  * Gyes. – noun –   Greek Mythology .

A shepherd who found a ring making its wearer invisible.Invited by the king of Lydia secretly to view his beautiful wife naked, Gyges was incited by her to kill the king and seize the throne. During his reign, allegedly, coinage was invented. )
So I’m back and I’m feeling a little better not 100% but enough so that I look half normal.
Happy hugs to ALL of you and hope your day is everything you want it to be!  😉



~ Forbidden Love…. ~

Whisper whisper                                

candle light,                                

Bare footsteps softly                            

in the night,                        

Warm breath                                

on barest shoulder dear,                                    

The heat from you                                            

so close so near,                                        

Warm hand cups                                  

nipple hardened breast,                                  

Kisses across                          

the shoulder and chest,                                          

Nibbles an earlobe                                        

stifles a groan,                                          

Bites on the neck                                              

shudder gasp moan,                              


on the landing quick,                                                  

Hide fast                                    

or my dad will see through the trick,                          

I sleep my back to the door                                                          

and dad hesitates as if to say,                                    

Looks around the bedroom                

closes the door walks away,                                              

Given you the back door key                                        

out the window you did climb,                                            

Your found in the kitchen glass of water                                          

you’ve not been caught this time,                                

Against our parents rules                                            

you and I are together,                                                

And although it’s forbidden by both families                                

we want it forever….      






So true….

Do you dream….?


~ Love….? ~

I believe in you                      

yes I do,                                          

I want you                                

need you so true,                              

You make me happy                                        

make me mad,                                        

Make me smile                                        

make me sad,          

Giving pleasure                            

giving pain,                    

Gonna drive me                      

so insane,                              

I feel you crawling                                        

under my skin,                    

Someone says your name                              

electric current comes alive from within,                                    


you must be a sin,                                  

I wanna please you,                      

Tease you,                              

Kiss you                      

lick you,                  

Suck you                                    

fuck you,                                  

Your mere name,                      

Drives me insane,                

Till I’m screaming                                

NO NO NO NO.                    


I pause take a breath stand still….                                    

I need to release this….pressure….                        

higher higher                                            

I’m giving off an energy I can’t control,                                

This is because of you I’m not whole,                      

And then I get a text from you                          

it starts with a “Hi.”,                                                

My senses explode                                    

I touch the sky,                                          

Bring me back                                

the flippin ground,                      

Hey emotions                                                  

I wanna be downed,                                            

If you touched me right now                      

I would give off such a spark,                                    

Together we could light up                                          

the never ending eternal dark,                                          

Like an explosion                            

a humongous shock-wave,                        

Please let me come to my senses                          

I’m sending out an sos somebody please save,                                                      

But no….                            

I don’t wanna be saved                                        

from my sea of senses,                                              

I like the real the edge                          

I don’t like pretences,                                      

I’ve stopped….                                      

Standing there                                

my fingers red,

The dripping blood                                      

but I’m not dead,                      

In my hand                      

the proof I see,                            

Just why it is                        

you intoxicate me,                                            

Your name its written                                

on my heart….  

Is this why thoughts of you                                  

cascade my mind,                                      

When your around                              

breathing is so hard I find,                                

I cannot look you in the eye                                                            

instead left right or down,                                      

Although usually                                

at the ground,                                        

Fuck this ain’t right it can’t be fair                                    

I go to pieces at your touch,                                    

I’m coming to the realization                        

you mean so much,                                    

I’m an addict                    

your my drug,                              

Its finally hit me                  

I’m in love….


~ Honey Trap…. ~

Your words fall through                      

the wire,              

And gosh your such                        

a liar,                  

You say your alone            

but I know your taken,                              

You think I’m falling for you                        

but your mistaken,                                  

You say your life                          

is dark and grey,                          

That talking to me is your sunshine                                          

it makes your day,                                

Tonight you said                          

you think your falling in love,                                        

That I must be an angel                            

sent online from above,                                      

All the dirty photos                                                        

you have sent,                                            

And the money on the flowers                                      

and champagne to my “house” you’ve spent,                                                              

And then there are                                    

the calls texts and emails,                                                      

Your like a slug                                          

you leave so many trails,                                                    

Away at another “conference”                              

at the hotel we’ll have dinner,                                                  

Well it ain’t me your meeting                                            

you lying cheating sinner,                                                        

You will say I mean nothing I’m a stalker                                      

set out to ruin your life,                                              

But she already has all the proof                                                  

your smart stunning wife….    





~ Friendship moves on…. ~



And so it started                                        

with a snowball fight,                                          

When I threw snow at you                              

way past midnight,                                      

You’d got home from work                                              

not long before,                                    

Been in less than 5 minutes                                                  

then back out the door,                                                    

“It’s snowing.” you said                                                            

as you looked at me,                                                    

I moved to the back door                                                                        

so I could see,                                                    

I looked up at the sky                                                                    

couldn’t believe my eyes,                                            

Never seen flakes so big                                                

fall from the skies,                                                

I made a big snowball                                  

threw it at you,                                                              

You gasped at the cold                                                        

but smiled to,                                                    

You closed the door                                                                    

chased me in the snow,                                                  

Made a big ball                                  

ready to throw,                                                            

I ran at you                                                    

try’ed to pull you down,                                        

You lost your balance fell on me                                  

on the snow on the ground….




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