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Little thoughts….


                     ….Forgive me


                                              for my silences….


                                  ….Every time I am around you


                                                           I forget how to speak….



~ Little thoughts…. ~

( the things you do…. )

….Overwhelm me

         capture my soul,

                   Take me hard

                              fill me whole,

                                      Dominate me

                                                make me lose control….



…. When you kiss me that way and my entire being goes up in flames…. .x.



~ The Floor…. ~


Wrap my arms                              

around your waist,                                  

I just need more                                  

of your sweet taste,                    

Kisses deep                              

on barest skin,                          

Flames desire                              

from within,                                

Need you now                                      

more than before,                                  

Against the wall                    

the bed the floor,                      

Take me sweet                              

soft and low,                            

Push me far                                      

as I can go,                                      

Lay back let me take                                                  

just what I need,                                        

A hunger only you                                        

can feed,                                              

Touch me there                                              

again like this,                                                

Temperature rise                                

breath catch heartbeat miss,                                                      

Back arched lost                              

to the feeling of you,                                        

Delirium shudder gasp                                        

see what you do,                                

Nipples harden even more                              

as I run my fingers across your skin,                                      

Mine to do as I pleasure                                    

gosh you must be a sin,                                                

Need you more                      

but we keep the pace,                                            

Passions heighten                                      

but we don’t race,                          

Skin burns at your touch                                  

sparks and sets alight,                                    

looking down at you                                

a deeply sexy sight,                                                  

Feelings build higher higher                              

our pace picks up harder than before,                                

Explosion shatters through me                      

can’t take no more,                                          

The two of us together                

spent content                              

I kiss you deeply                                                    

as we lay on the floor….





~ To stay untitled to stay…. ~



Sometimes everywhere I look                        

i see your face,                                      

I see your smile and your vitality                

my legs stop working lose their pace,                                                    

I get butterflies                                  

pupils dilate,                        

Breathing shallows                                            

an effect you create,                                      

Skin prickles                                  

sets aflame,                                      

Rational thoughts they disappear                                                

always the same,                                        

Every time I think I’m                                      

over the effect of you,                                            

You do something so simple                                

to prove that just ain’t true….







~ You…. ~

( In that moment….)

The smell the smell

the smell of your skin,

As I look over your shoulder

distracts me just enough sets me off balance within,

The feel of your shirt

your waist your back,

My mind starts wondering

off course off track,

Feel the heat coming off you

emotions hitch,

And I feel so dazed yet turned on

like you flicked a switch,

So close in this moment

feel through your shirt the curve of your skin,

The smell the feel the thin fabric

your skin the heat from within,

Your oh so sexy voice and the balance tips

and I am lost on every sound,

Until there’s nothing no thought but you

til I hit the ground….


For you….

you make my veins flame,

my skin burn….

 A thought….

All I want is to run my fingers down the soft hair on your arm,

across your knuckles entwining my fingers with yours,

pulling you closer to me,

leaning down to where you sit,

looking in your deep brown eyes,

kiss you lightly on the lips….

and tell you how very deeply….

I feel about you….


~ Dangerous Game…. ~

Laying here beside you                              

feelings raw,                                

One thing certain that I want you                                    

more and more,                                                  

Watch you as you sleep                                        

my heart beat fast,                                

We just can’t be together                              

this can’t last,                                                                    

You stir I watch you turn                      

then you sleep on,                                              

It’s getting lighter                            

now its breaking dawn,                                    

This new day the nights pretend                          

we never spent together,                                              

You get on with your life me mine                                                        

never us forever,                                                        

But for now I feel you                            

breath on barest skin,                                                      

The embers spark the flames they burn                                      

from within,                          

Intoxicating smell                            

i’m drunk on you,                                  

Memories of last night they flame my veins                        

burn me right through,                                

Reach out                              

graze the hairs that lay across your chest,                          

Open your eyes look straight at me                                  

my breath is lost,                                                      

Lean over kiss long slow              

for now its us together,                                                      

Then we go our separate ways the way it should be just friends                            

no us forever….




~ Sands Of Time…. ~


My love for you 

is like the sands of time,

As each grain falls

my love grows stronger




Arm curls around

hand on waist,

The atmosphere heavy with

desire laced,

Looks into deep brown eyes

breathing shallows then breath held,

Hunger need passion

feelings welled,

Body sparks alight

with salacious need,

Kisses across neck and shoulder


Shirt falls to the floor

and then a moment of honesty,

He looks and says

“if your looking for love it sure as hell ain’t me”,

She reaches up

pulls him into a kiss,

Kiss deepens passion spikes

heartbeat miss,

“I know” she breathes

upon his lips,

He pulls her flush against him

hands on her hips,

His soft sultry kisses

from shoulder to shoulder,

Her breathing shallows

her hands getting bolder,

Laying on the bed

her nipples harden at his touch,

Need spinning them along

she wants him so much,

This moment can say but

a thousand word,

Her moan at his touch

the only sound heard….



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