The mind is a wondrous thing. It’s amazing. It’s cool. It’s unique. Some are “Oh so fabulous”, some are “Bang on”, some are “Driven”, “Plain”, or “Grounded” and some are just “quirky” or “Screwy”. Yeah I think I fit into last last category.

Well, I seem to have had a rather shit month this august…. maybe that’s why I feel so screwed? I’m not writing much ( If anything….). I like to write, almost as much as I like to read. Maybe more? I haven’t given it that much thought…. Hmm? maybe I should? *Sigh….*

There are all these words desperate to get out and make a fabtastic poem, they’er just getting lost as my mind betrays me and thinks about whatever and whoever it bloody well likes.

So I’m back to having no words…. Poem words….

I’m also chatting in my sleep. Far to much! Yup. I’m a sleep talker and, it gets me into trouble…. A lot! Sometimes what I’m talking about isn’t what I’m dreaming about. Like I keep saying…. You can’t get mad at me for what or who I talk about when I’m unconscious. One day the other half is gonna listen to me…. Maybe…. Hopefully….

The latest conversation is about a pool table, a game of dominoes, my other half and “G.D.S.” <- I spoke about him a few posts back. Its an odd one! And it’s set in a pub. Me in a pub? well I don’t really do pubs and on the odd occasion I do drink its usually spirits or liqueurs. I don’t even know how to hold a pool cue and I was drinking beer? Larger would have been good but beer? Ewwwww! Yucky!  Yeah okay so anything happens in a dream?

I’m not the only one in my house to talk in their sleep, My 10 yr old son does it and all 3 girls do it. Oh and you can have proper conversations with us all if we’re in a really chatty sleep. And the story about the giant tomatoes that started world war 5 never gets old! ( He gave sound effects with that dream it was hilarious!! ).

It’s nearly September and I’m hoping for a much better month. 🙂

I’ve been sat at the computer for about 5 mins  thinking about my words and I wonder if why I’m not writing is this….”G.D.S.” now knows about An empty space and I wonder if that’s why my mind isn’t letting poem words flow? I’m a little intimidated and nervous of him. To be honest, maybe a little scared of him, (among other things). But, it’s very important that he is in my other half s life (for reasons I won’t go into). And I, respect that.

What’s the saying?  “Don’t over think things….”

It’s a week until my sons next appointment with a doctor and the new meds he is on are starting to take affect and, I haven’t spotted any bad side affects (yet), which is good. He is taking his tablets fantastically ( he is 10. ) which is fab when you consider my 13yr old acts like a baby when faced with a little painkiller or piriton tablet. I’m hoping, really hoping that next doctors appointment is good :-$

Well, I’ve littered this page with words and it feels good to have written something (even if it wasn’t a poem).

Today me and the children are going to bake and cook. Homemade meat pies for dinner. Millionaires shortbread and lemon oh yes cake.

I hope all of you at the other end of the wire have a fantastically great day  🙂

Happy hugs all.x.