Screaming screaming screaming

at you,

You drive me crazy

in all you do,

I despise you I don’t want

an us together,

Ya dumped ya shite

cuz we ain’t forever,

We argued we shouted

my grandmas vase you hurled,

My anger exploded within

and then in flames unfurled,

Your precious golf clubs 

your precious car,

The best way to take out my anger

by far,

You ripped up my roses

pissed on my dogs grave,

So I splintered your windscreen

the door windows you wont save,

You shout “Ya fuckin bitch!

ya wanna play games? we’ll see”,

Then saunter back in the house

after smiling at me,

Run for the door but I’m to late

hear an almighty crash,

My antique heirloom tea set

crushed just like its trash,

Before I know what I’m doing

i’ve picked up a chair,

Straight across your back

i’ve hit you dead square,

When the police enter

they can’t believe what they see,

Me with a poker you a marble obelisk

both mad as can be,

They shout but we don’t notice

glare at each other snarl and frown,

The police they do take over

tackle each of us down,

To cut a long story short

the judges anger management we attend,

We realise we love and want to be together

we’ll work at it…. The end