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~….Two arms to hold….~

And it’s those days

those rainy days,

Those endless days

those days with many endless ways,

Where emotions bubble

from deep inside,

Where feelings escape

just go on the slide,

Those days you wish

the world away,

Where you just need two arms

and the promise of stay,

When the nightmares they came

haunt you in your sleep,

And they pick at forever

nightmare’s a secret you keep,

Those words and those eyes

stay with you til light,

And you long for that smile

that’s kept out of sight,

And you wake up exhausted 

you fall out of bed,

There’ll  be days that you’ll think

you’d be better off dead,

But get up you will 

with rain clouds your friend,

The soft pitted patter

feels it won’t end,

And softly you’ll 


Tears will well and

you’ll cry,

All that you want 

is two arms to hold,

The words that they’ll be there

your knight brave and bold,

You’ll just want words 

upon your skin,

You’ll just want love

the warmth within,

When that day is so gray

innocence gone you feel old,

You’ll quite simply crave

two arms to hold….


Dreams cascade

in black and white,

I dreamt of you again

last night,

Your hand so soft

the sharpest knife,

And I was fighting

for my life,

Your laugh your words

and that smile,

False sense of security

for just a while,

You slid that knife 

slowly under my skin,

And with magical words

promised no sin,

I was killed from 

deep within,

I offered my heart

but that’s in the bin,

Your skillful hand

and sweet soft words so true,

I fell so deeply

into you,

Made my wish

that dreams come true,

I opened my soul

you took that to,

There’s nothing left I

bleed for you,

A skilful master

sharpest tool,

And look at me I’m

just your fool….


I’m tired….

My sexy sweet man
sleep does call,
But it is not
what I want at all,
To stay awake is
what I need,
I have this hunger
only you can feed,
Your silken words I
want to tease,
My only desire
is that you I please,
And yet here I am
falling asleep,
To stay awake is one promise
to myself I can’t keep,
More so tonight
you my heart will miss,
But there’s nothing I can do
except send this small kiss,
Your neck I wish to link
my arms around,
And to have your heartbeat
my only sound,
The things I want
just can’t be done,
But our words can be used
to have some fun,
*….Sigh. …*
Tonight my love I will dream of you,
Know this my sweet I
love you true….


Last night again I dreamt of snow
but the snow it did not stay,
Instead I watched it melt
as you turned and walked away,
There was nothing at all
that I could do,
No words to use
to convince you,
The glittering snowflakes
disappeared as you went,
My emotions flowed
til my tears were spent,
The night came on fast
almost crashing down,
And I made no move
from this once white ground,
So empty here
without your snow,
But only to me
should the blame go….


~ Perfect sin…. ~

….I wanna feel your fingertips
as they graze across my skin,
I don’t care that your married
your the perfect little sin,
Link my arms around your neck
My thumb to grace your lips,
Pull you closer to me
want your hands upon my hips,
Kiss you feel
my pleasure surge,
Just can’t fight this
need this urge,
Wrap your arms
around my waist,
I need so bad
for your sweet taste
Hold you closer
lost in time,
Man I want you
to be mine,
Lose myself
in lovers kiss,
Just can’t help
my heartbeat miss,
Need so bad
your tender touch,
And you know not
just how much,
My hunger for you
needs to be fed,
Lay upon
this soft clean bed,
Your hands to my arms
grasp each wrist,
And to each of them
lay tender kiss,
Down my neck
across my shoulder,
My breathing shallow
you feel bolder,
Clothes I wear
a top so thin,
Feel the heat
cascades within,
Just need more
of your sweet taste,
Your fingers dance
across my waist,
Our clothes get lost
upon the floor,
Just can’t help I
need you more,
Feel your heat
upon my skin,
Told you
your the perfect sin,
Your lips they set
my skin on fire,
Look at me
your my desire,
Enter me spark embers
set me alight,
Our passions escape
sounds heard in the night….


Tonight I want snow….

Tonight I want
to dream of snow,
I want to drown
so painfully slow,
Tonight your on
my mind so deep,
Your the heartbreaking secret
that so close I keep,
Tonight I wish for a snow storm
in my heart,
Freeze the damn thing over
stop it feeling from the start,
Deep inside my acient walls
your snowflakes they all lay,
And only you and I know
that here they all do stay,
I need the bittersweet of snow
to unfold,
Wish I could freeze my mouth shut
lay down in your icy cold,
But you my sweet your never cold
You have a warmth that’s oh so high,
And I can’t help but watch
as you scatter snowflakes across the sky….

No title needed….

Last night in my dreams I
was met with snow,
It’s endless depths
it’s illicit emotions on show,
The snowflakes swirled
became the shadow of a man,
Follow me he said
get up I know you can,
I got up and followed him
into the abyss,
All the time feeling
that something was amiss,
I stopped as did he I
turned and I fled,
He wasn’t you my sweet
he turned the snow red,
I dropped to my knees
and the pines they grew high,
Ever reaching upwards
disappearing in the sky,
Closed my eyes to the red
where did you go,
This is so red
not the sweet you I know,
The sounds of a song
carried on the trees,
They remind me of you
a voice on the breeze,
Get up follow the sound
I find the white snow,
And here on the hillside
I see you with the dogs down below….


Writing this and “I will follow you into the dark” comes on…. Made me smile, typical….

~ Sweet dreams…. ~

I wrote this for a friend and they’ve said I can post it here….


May all of you always have the most sweetest of dreams….



Just my thoughts….

….Again last night I dreamt of snow, this time it was so deep, as deep as the ocean,  and I…. I was drowning, and I did not care, I welcomed it…. I craved it,  just like the trees, plants, and flowers crave the sun….
When ever I dream about snow, I know it’s about you. I’ve accepted that. I don’t like it, but hey,  I can’t help what I dream….
I’ve written about you. So many blasted times have I written about you…. Some I’ve posted. Some, like the day before yesterday, I’ve posted and then, said no and put in drafts instead. Others I just leave written, nothing but mere thoughts on paper. Others still I don’t even write….
I awoke from last night’s dream, sitting up and gasping for air…. then slowly in my still sleepy state I suddenly realised it was a dream and that it was about you.  My shock turned to upset and I laid curled on my left side and cried softly until sleep once took me again.
Now I’ve thought about this. I’ve thought about it all day. I get why those tears wouldn’t stop. It’s because you did get through my walls. But not just that. It’s the hope you have given to. The hope that yes, it’s possible to get behind them and touch my heart.
….That, is the scariest thing of all….
And that I guess is why I get so mad at my dreams of snow, my dreams of you. You can get so close and yes, if I’m not extra careful, then I’ll relax just a little to much.
All our talks, all those days all those nights. All those times I said slow and that you had my loyalty in friendship…. I never even noticed…. So close….to close. To late….
I don’t want this, I can’t have this, but I know you would only have to speak, and I would fall….
This is wrong and I can’t….I won’t, forgive myself for allowing you inside my walls….as this means….you have….
  ….The power to hurt me….