Well Hi…. How are you all? 

I’ve been in a bit of sombre mood the last couple of days and although happy, I just can’t seem to shake it…. I’ve been thinking about my writing and wondering if it all sounds the same? Then I get some fab comments on here and some lovely messages from my email only followers and a wonderful message from a friend that looks in from time to time….  It kinda makes it feel special!!

 So trying to lift my mood and find the inspiration to write some thing that feels really good. It’s raining outside and I love the rain always have, it might just give the inspiration I need? I wonder why we are most critical of what we ourselves write? I’ve read so much on here and am following so many talented people, You all should be proud!!  🙂 




Moving down the path 

my feet do bleed,                

I’m walking on broken letters                          

but their not what I need,                                  

This path is forever going                                  

and I can’t see the end,                            

At the moment these broken letters                              

are my only friend,                                  

Look up at the dark grey clouds the sky is crying                          

the drops like fire they burn my skin as the darkened sky weeps,                                  

The atmosphere dark and sombre                                

the light and sun sleeps,                                      

My blood keeps on flowing                      

deep into the ground,                                              

And my screams are ripped out in a vortex                              

and the rain lashes down and I’m drowned….




Looks like a poem/thought formed after all! Now I need to write and date it in my book!  That’s the first time I have thought of a title before writing the poem!!

Ok I’m off, Have a wonderful day all and I hope the coming week is the best it can be for you all. 

Happy hugs, me.x.