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This morning…

Random thoughts as I wait…

I’m sat here this morning thinking of you…

The lights glared down on the common rooms tables, the chatter echoed as people started to file in slowly. Early. It’s good to be early right? But I don’t want to be here. I want to be with you. Only you. Always you. I miss you. Your my safe place. My soft space. My warmth, my calm when everything starts and the pace picks up and want to escape from it all… your my home. My anchor. Today is meetings, seeing people. People are scary despite the fact the world sees me as strong. I wait for your messages to keep me going and get me through it with smiles.


Later I’ll write a better post. Later I’ll let my heart write. For now? The thoughts in my head are going to fast and I need you to say my name and stop them. To give me that calm…

Stupid I guess… I can do this.

I can can’t I?

More people enter and I get ready.

Time ticks. Tick. Tock. Ticks…


Watch over him….

….and to the moon

In the starlit sky,

I ask watch over him

from way up high,

For he is my one

my love my heart,

To be without him

would tear me apart….

*Adult content*

“Kitten it shows your writing. What are you writing?”


“Kitten. Are you behaving.”

(This not even a question).



(Hits send while I know he’s just writing my name. At which he deletes what he’s writing to read).

I dream of you…
My arms around you as you hold me close…
The warmth of your mouth against mine… against my neck as my hands travel downwards under your t-shirt… your hands undoing every button slowly on my shirt… the warmth of your skin under my fingers my body pressed so hard against yours I feel you growing hard as you kiss me harder, more feverently… pull your shirt off and kiss down you… drop to my knees and look up at you as I undo your belt, your watching me intently… undo the button and zip… slowly ease them down to a puddle at your feet. Your hard inside your panties… lick my lips as I look and then look up at you… seeing the need on your face, the want, the desire.
Slowly ease them down and your hard cock springs free… taking it in my hand, stroking my fingers along the warm hard shaft… leaning forward and licking the tip… running my tongue along your warm shaft. Kissing licking sucking… all the way down kissing and sucking the underside of your shaft to the base and running my tongue along your balls, feeling you tighten them. Sitting back a little and looking up with a smile at you… such need in your eyes… leaning forward and taking your cock in my warm wet mouth as I wrap my hand around the base and slowly take it in sucking and then back to the tip, rolling my tongue over the end before taking your cock deep into my mouth again. Your hand comes up and cups the side of my head as you thrust your hips forward and start to fuck my warm wet mouth….

“Kitten. Daddy’s at work. Should we be trying to wind Daddy up at work?”

(I send him a naughty picture).

“I love you Daddy💜”

Let the music fill your soul

Make you whole

Lose control,

Feel your spirit lift

Such a gift

Heal the rift,

Escape from thoughts that tear you apart

Where they start

Mind and heart,

The rush through your veins

Cascading rains

Relinquish chains,

Feel the beat

Burst of heat

Such a feat,

Pulsating light

Such a height

Give up the fight,

Inner glow

Such a show

Music ends time to go…

Written to the song “Intense” by Armin van Buuren/Miri Ben-Ari. The violin (played more than once), always floods my entire being while the rest lights me up. It’s a feeling of being weightless of being free…

I’m a huge music lover who can find the soul enlightening passion of music in every genre. If you’ve never given trance a go? Try at least this one…

….what would this world be without music but a desolate barren place….


And so my heart aches. It roars. It screams. And yet I remain silent while this hurricane rages inside me. The only sign you’ll see a slight tremble in my hand, slight crack in my voice. I will stand silent as you yo-yo hot and cold. As you Dominate and decimate and shut down. I’ll close off and switch to auto so you’ll not see me break. As you yo-yo hot and cold hiding your fire, I’ll hide my storm til the only give away will be the rain spattered glass of my eyes, and I look at the floor….

And it’s you only you

always you,

Cascading my heart and head

so true,

Your words

your smile,

Wrap them around

let them hold me a while,

Oh how your tender

word I miss,

Those sweetest nothings

that soulful bliss,

The silences haunt me

as they appear throughout the day,

And I just want to beg

just please don’t go away,

And then there you always are

that sweet sexy smile,

And I drown deeper into you

mile upon mile,

Our lives they are so busy

but find I need you more and more,

The love we share our precious moments

love you deeper than before…

I wanted to tell you

What you mean to me,

How I so desire those things

Which right now can’t be,

And how you would know

(If I was there),

That I need every part of you

Lay your soul to me bare,

My fingers should be softly

Caressing your lips,

As they make a sensual dance

Down your skin to your hips,

My lips and my tongue

Following down in a line,

My feverish desire

to make you mine,

To lick my lips at the taste

Of your decadent skin,

I wanna feel you burn

Your passion from within,

My sweetness know

That my fire burns so true,

I’ve fallen so deeply

In love with you….

You your 5 parts heaven and 5 parts danger

got me walking on the edge,

Simple mere words

and I’m tipping off the ledge,

And I swear you just don’t care

that’s just not your way,

You give that cheeky smile

say you’re here to stay,

No wonder

My minds a storm,

Emotions getting


There are times

My thoughts get the better of me,

Times I think I should

Set you free,

But then we’d lose

Both me and you,

This love is worth it

The hard times to,

In loving you I’ve

Come to see,

There’s a well

Inside of me,

One that loves you


My missing piece

Searched my whole life through,

I always felt empty

Until I found you…


Alone she sits

with wings of snow white,

Weeping soft tears

as day turns to night,

Tragic little angel

fallen from grace,

For you loved to much

to leave this place,

Sulaiman Hafeez

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