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~ Painted words…. ~

….Your words are art….

    ….the kind of art that paints itself across my soul….

How I long to fall in the cascading colours of your art, every thought intertwining with my mind, playing games upon my skin,
Your such a perfect sin….
….I can’t help but let you in….
With your words you do begin….
Just fall a little harder
harder than before,
Your words they can transport me
now I’m walking upon the shore,
A multitude of colours they reach
across the sky,
Your that extra push I need
to let go so I can fly….
Silence me with your words
wrap them around my soul,
Skim your fingers across my skin
across my body leisurely stroll,
Tease and tantalise
my mind,
Explore every single corner
til there’s nothing left to find,
Make me fall a little harder I
can’t help but fall for you,
And know with each and every breath
that these words they are so true,

….Your words are art….
  ….you paint away my grays,

You kiss my lips with rain
and paint rainbows across my heart….

Your that perfect storm,
you make me torn,
And when you leave I feel forlorn,
You make my heart beat faster
til I am melted on the floor,
And just when I think your at an end
you give it to me more,
You dance kisses
across my skin,
And if your so damn wrong
then forgive me cause I sin….

….Your words are art….

  ….the kind of art that paints itself across my soul….

And with every little word I fall a little harder little deeper little more,
Each word a little arrow cuts my heart
deeper than before….


Written for a gorgeous ginger cat.x.x. (Because you are the perfect sin).




I break my own heart….


You have my heart….
And every time you break it,
  I break it to….
   Because I am the fool who gave it to you….


~ For M…… ~


Intimacy…. Giving someone a part of you that no other can have…. .x.


~ I hope…. ~

I hope one day
someone intoxicates you,
I hope they make your skin burn with just a look a touch
make your veins flame right through,
I hope this person you feel
can you have never,
And that it doesn’t matter the years
you always feel about them forever,
I hope their voice
tips your balance inside,
So your grip on normality
momentarily goes on the slide,
I hope their smell makes you weak
their words the power to break your heart,
And above all
above all….
I hope they realise the effect
they have on you,
And that they fall so deeply
in love with you to….


~ Hurt…. ~



All I wanna do is reach out and touch you

speak aloud and call your name,

I wanna tell you that this is killing me 

i’m breaking I’m not the same,

Inside I’m falling


It’s ripped a jagged hole

in my heart,

A hole that’s never gonna heal

no never never not for years,

And my eyes they can’t stop filling

can’t stop shedding all these tears,

Those words that said

no more,

And I walked out 

the door,

That text i read 

my heart it did slice,

It turned my world upside down

turned my happy core to ice,

You betrayed 


You played


You asked her when she was free next

so you could touch tongues and so much more,

This hurts so much I can’t breathe

my heart left bleeding on the floor,

The texts like pictures they play

on my mind,

You did this while you were around me

and I never suspected because your just so kind,

Now when I breathe it burns

my soul,

There’s only darkness cause

you are my whole,

I threw your phone at you so numb

then I sat outside the back door,

It feels like you’ve knifed me a thousand times

then laughed as I bleed

            bleed all over the floor….





Inspired by a post on bribruceproductions blog. Thank you for the inspiration! .x.



….Not to be finished….

Help me for I have sinned I have
fallen in love with another,
Help me for I have sinned
another man I wish as my lover,
I try hard to escape him
from my dark mind,
Yet he’s always there
i find I find,
Intoxicated by him
always I have been,
The many different sides I’ve
seen I’ve seen,
It happened so slowly
i did not see,
He took a piece of my heart wrote his name on the rest
how did I not see til to late the affect he has on me….


I couldn’t finish this. I did try, it should be at least 8 lines longer…. But I suppose that sometimes that’s the problem with writing…. A little to much of “us” spills out…. A little to much more than we want anyway…..x.

~ Sometimes with space it works…. ~

I wanna call you

but I can’t find the phone,

I wanna tell you I still need you

changed my mind don’t want us to go it alone,

Your side of the bed is cold

i miss your warmth your touch,

I miss the way you look at me

and tell me you love me so much,

Then I think of all the arguments

and how we couldn’t go on,

I saw it in your eyes that crushing weight

as with words on you I unleashed 10 ton,

Your eyes they filled with tears

your beautiful deep eyes your handsome face,

And my emotions started spinning because I love you

but the fights the rows we need space,

You packed your stuff but kept your key

when you closed the apartment door in the hall I fell,

I sobbed all those tears

you stood the other side of the door and heard them as well,

The next day at the office I

looked a right mess,

When giving the presentation

i couldn’t have said less,

My boss didn’t look

with to much surprise,

I saw the knowledge

reflected in his eyes,

But then I know

he already knew,

Because he’s such good friends

with you,

Now I’m sitting here feeling so lost

at home,

I wanna call you but we need space 

but I love want need you don’t wanna be alone,

I wanna text you

but I can’t reach the phone,

I wanna call you

but we need space all I said I can’t touch the phone,

The key goes in the lock

the tears slide down my face,

And then your standing there looking so hot in the way you do

leaning against the door your favorite place,

You haven’t shaved dark circles under your eyes

your clothes look all scruff,

But all I see is your handsome face your amazingly deep eyes

here in your dirty shirt with your smell I must look so ruff,

You hold out your hand I take it 

wrapping our arms around each other,

Your the only one I want I need I love

your my friend half of my whole my partner my lover,

These days have been so hard

that have past,

But we’re stronger we’ll work it

we’re together we’ll last,

I love you….



…. When you kiss me that way and my entire being goes up in flames…. .x.



~ Falling into you…. ~



I’m hopelessly helplessly                                            

falling into you,                                          

I see you everywhere I go                                          

and my dreams at night to,                                          

Thoughts of you they                      

swirl round my mind,                                

At the barbecue I looked up                                    

it’s your eyes I find,                                    

And some how and yet                                

you always know,                                

Leaning on the balcony looking at the ocean                            

turn your by my side it’s the little things that show,                                  

Your skin brushing against mine                                          

your arm around pulling me closer away from the ocean the skies,                        

The soft electric shocks you give off                                          

the depth of your eyes,                                          

You laugh your smile that look                                      

and I’m falling falling and you don’t let go,                                                

Your strength your warmth your fingers gently strumming against my back                          

your heartbeat the energy flow,                                                            

You whisper in my ear I smile totally caught up                                

in this moment of you,                                    

Here your arm around me on the balcony                                

our friends laughing chatting relaxing its true,                              

But all I see is the depth of your eyes                                              

and I’m falling

                              falling into the deep emotional depths,                            

        This moment,                                                    

                                       Just falling                        

                                                                       and you,

                                                                                             you don’t let go….