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A way to love you…

I wish that I could slit my wrists
open up with a gush of you,
Let the outpourings spellbind weary
travellers so true,
That I could speak and regale stories
telling wondrous tales of your love,
How your lips form pronunciations
your accent like a whisper of heaven above,
One look from you
and I’m slain,
Dear sweet man you drive me
so totally insane,
Everywhere I go someone reminds me of you
it blossoms a warmth within,
If I’m totally being honest?
you’re the sweetest most sexy sin,
And you’re a man just a man
but oh dear heaven above,
I’m so totally enchantedly
intoxicatingly in love…x.

~…Tongue and Moans…~

Running kisses

down my hips,

The fire engulfs me

from your lips,

Singing melodies against

my skin,

As your fingers leave trails across me

veins on fire within,

Soft and slow


Soft bite gasping pleasure

begging pleasing,

Ice cube dances

dangerously slow,

As my skin in flames

you drag it low,

Molton lava

at my core,

Ice cube melted

is no more,

Look at you eyes filled

with feverish desire,

Heightened sensitivity

passionate fire,

Spring winds up

detonations clicking into place,

Coil winds tightly

slowly no race,

Soft mewling turns to

breathless moans of pleasure,

Taking your sweet time

exquisite torture at your leisure,

The peak hits and cascades

release a flood as body quiver,

Make it multiple don’t stop release harder

creamy river,

Hum of amused pleasure

reverberates across skin from my core,

Rolling a shuddering wave of

release once more,

Mouth softly sucks and bites

going up to hips,

Sweet seductress fire trails

across belly from lips,

Stiff peaks worshipped

by storytelling tongue,

As I detonate again

fall vastly undone,

Teeth grazes neck

shiver down my spine,

Words whispered softly

you were made to be mine…x.


“Ok. Humor me.” He said. “Tell me.”

“A hurricane.” She said simply. “Imagine the a person as a hurricane, they have to stay on the edges and never get to close. They destroy or leave in disarray everything they touch.” She sighed…. “Such intensity, passion, an emotional whirlwind. Not many could cope with that.” 

“If it were real? It would be lonely.” He smiled.

“Yes….” She looked down.

“Now imagine that hurricanes a fire. When I finally showed him? He showed me that there’s an ocean inside of him that would calm my fire, deal with the emotions, the intensity, that would take my storms.”

He nodded, understanding but lost in thought.

“Tell me who wouldnt want to drown in the calming intensity of another?” She drew a circle on the table with her finger. “I told him that he was my darkness, the perfect pitch for me. Truth is? He’s my light.”


 Honestly? Just like the song says? I’d give up forever to touch you…. your all I want. All I’ve wanted. There is a part of me dieing and as fast as I throw logs on to it to keep its fire burning?  It drowns my fire in tears. My soul cries for you. The insides of me crumble and fall away and leave this broken shell. Tell me what do I do? I love you so damn much and it’s ripping me to shreds. I keep wondering and wandering. I’m losing my shit and falling. The waves of my tears crashing over everything. I want to be mad at you. I want you to burn like I burn and fall like I fall. I want you to know like I know. But what’s it matter? I don’t matter. Let me go up in flames and be nothing left but dust that is forgotten and blown away. My soul that ever moving storm it’s a fucking hurricane for you. Always for you. Only for you. The whole ceases to matter. Just you. Tell me how I tear you out from inside these bones? How do I release you from these veins? Mentally and emotionally? I am tearing myself apart with such ferocity that I’m destroying everything. Do I have to do this physically? Will it release me from you? Will you leave my veins? You’ve taken my smile, my joy, my happiness, I want them back. I want you back. My soul screams in the darkest depths of a hell it doesn’t understand…. it screams for you in the endless bitter blackness. It wanders alone and afraid because you are gone. 

  I want to grate the very skin from these bones. Strip the sinew and muscle away. Pull these veins apart. Pick the empty organs from these fleshless bones and toss them away one by one in furthest most hidden corners. Let this skeleton bleach white in the burning sun then fade in the darkest corner of this land. Bury it a million miles deep so that every part of my being may painfully whither away alone from the rest…. How to describe how I feel? Pretty darn close….

 I love you to such depth…. that all that’s left now? Is to die….

….That voice….

….The sound of your voice… an intoxicatingly addictive mixture of warm honey and luxuriously soft velvet, such a sound to fall from those lips,
  that I am left but an addict with an insatiable hunger for your words….

~ Fate…. ~

There are so many moments
throughout the day,
When thoughts of you
come my way,
And these fluttering thoughts
they make me smile,
Because thoughts of you
are always worthwhile,
It’s funny how hard I’ve
fallen for you,
And it’s scary that these feelings
are pure and true,
Fate joined our paths
so that we would meet,
Fate knew that I’d love you
from your head to your feet,
See when I was believing
that love just ain’t real,
Destiny said don’t worry
fate will show you how to feel,
Fate and destiny hatched a plan
then sat back to watch it flow,
They asked you to take a second look
then sowed the seed of love in me and sat back to watch it grow….


For J.L.

Mind in the gutter…

….I love you…. your gorgeous….
and you have the most sexy mind….
Everytime we talk…. I just wanna take you both to bed….. and your voice…. like warm honey or liquid sex…  mmmmmmm….. a mixture of both?! Damn…. my mind is sliding into the gutter again….

….If your a sin
      then all I want to be is a sinner….

….Because your the most gorgeously sexual sin I’ll ever know….


~ Perfect sin…. ~

….I wanna feel your fingertips
as they graze across my skin,
I don’t care that your married
your the perfect little sin,
Link my arms around your neck
My thumb to grace your lips,
Pull you closer to me
want your hands upon my hips,
Kiss you feel
my pleasure surge,
Just can’t fight this
need this urge,
Wrap your arms
around my waist,
I need so bad
for your sweet taste
Hold you closer
lost in time,
Man I want you
to be mine,
Lose myself
in lovers kiss,
Just can’t help
my heartbeat miss,
Need so bad
your tender touch,
And you know not
just how much,
My hunger for you
needs to be fed,
Lay upon
this soft clean bed,
Your hands to my arms
grasp each wrist,
And to each of them
lay tender kiss,
Down my neck
across my shoulder,
My breathing shallow
you feel bolder,
Clothes I wear
a top so thin,
Feel the heat
cascades within,
Just need more
of your sweet taste,
Your fingers dance
across my waist,
Our clothes get lost
upon the floor,
Just can’t help I
need you more,
Feel your heat
upon my skin,
Told you
your the perfect sin,
Your lips they set
my skin on fire,
Look at me
your my desire,
Enter me spark embers
set me alight,
Our passions escape
sounds heard in the night….


~ Painted words…. ~

….Your words are art….

    ….the kind of art that paints itself across my soul….

How I long to fall in the cascading colours of your art, every thought intertwining with my mind, playing games upon my skin,
Your such a perfect sin….
….I can’t help but let you in….
With your words you do begin….
Just fall a little harder
harder than before,
Your words they can transport me
now I’m walking upon the shore,
A multitude of colours they reach
across the sky,
Your that extra push I need
to let go so I can fly….
Silence me with your words
wrap them around my soul,
Skim your fingers across my skin
across my body leisurely stroll,
Tease and tantalise
my mind,
Explore every single corner
til there’s nothing left to find,
Make me fall a little harder I
can’t help but fall for you,
And know with each and every breath
that these words they are so true,

….Your words are art….
  ….you paint away my grays,

You kiss my lips with rain
and paint rainbows across my heart….

Your that perfect storm,
you make me torn,
And when you leave I feel forlorn,
You make my heart beat faster
til I am melted on the floor,
And just when I think your at an end
you give it to me more,
You dance kisses
across my skin,
And if your so damn wrong
then forgive me cause I sin….

….Your words are art….

  ….the kind of art that paints itself across my soul….

And with every little word I fall a little harder little deeper little more,
Each word a little arrow cuts my heart
deeper than before….


Written for a gorgeous ginger cat.x.x. (Because you are the perfect sin).