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“….My dearest friend, there are times I would sell my soul just to give you a moments happiness….”




….The thought of you
          captivates my mind….
….A message from you
         my hearts beats, so much faster I find….
….You oh so sexy quiet voice
         and I totally forget everything….
….Your scent
        and I forget how to breathe….
….Your breath against my skin
       and I burn….
….Your touch
      and the balance tips and I fall….



“….it’s funny how, at the sound of your voice, I forget how to breathe….”

Little Thought….

“….You intoxicate my senses….my mind, my body, my heart, my very essence, and then you smile….that oh so sexy smile….”

“….And I am lost….to every thought, to every sound….I don’t notice anyone or any thing….”

“….Until there is nothing….but you….”


“….I wish you were a cup….because you make me feel like chocolate….”

“….Everytime I’m around you, you make me hotter and I melt….”

“….It’s like I exist solely to pour myself into you….”


Little Thought….

“….I love the way you blush when we’re out with friends and I whisper in your ear all the things I’m going to do to you….” 
“….I love it that you blush not because I’m telling you, but because you know I intend to keep every promise….”


I wish….





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