I thought a fair bit about whether I should post this or not. There is a part of me that was brought up to never show how much something or someone hurts you. They win if you do. You might say that’s growing up wrong but we are all different. However, this is MY page. As the page name says… An empty space… an empty space to fill with me. 1 rule. Be me. Be the real me that I perfectly hide from the world behind a smile. Here I can be honest in just how broken parts of me truly are. I can write out the cracks and shards of my mind. I can shatter into as many pieces as it takes. I fall apart over and over again and I can bleed words from my fingers all over the screen. This is MY page. My space to ditch the mask and be me.

This isn’t just an empty space… this is the one safe space I have.

So to write the things you have. The messages and comments you have? Its hurt. Does it not occur to you that your words cruelly hurt? I know I’m a mess. I apologise if you feel that I’m a stuck record that someone needs to “throw away” as youso eloquently put it. I dont know you. In fact I make it a point that no one I know IRL reads my blog. To the point that despite the fact I’ve had this blog for 10 years? Only 4 people that actually real life know me have ever seen it. I feel worthless enough as it is, I dont need comments like that. If you don’t like my blog? Dont read it. Simple as.

Everyone else? I’m sorry. I dont want to rant. I just needed to get this out to the “fan” that never learnt the phrase… “If you can’t say nothing nice, dont say nothing at all.”