Lips they kiss
A silent plea I
give to thee,
Looking up
from down on my knees,
All I want
is just to please,
Hold out your hand
and grasp my wrist,
Pulled to my feet
with one small twist,
My hand comes up
to trace your jaw,
Every emotion laid out
on the floor,
Look in your eyes
heartbeat miss,
Lift your hand to your thumb
use my tongue a deep kiss,
My fingers on your arm
feel the heat of your skin,
Lift your shirt need you bare
feed off your fire within,
Walk around the back
trace my fingers down your spine to your hip,
You are a delicacy
in a cup to which I sip,
Kiss the back of your shoulder
my fingers linger on your side,
Walk back to face you
my thoughts on the slide,
Go back down
upon my knees,
All I want
is just to please,
Look up at you
With such a need,
A hunger only you
can feed,
Leaning up I kiss
your hips,
A trail left
with my soft wet lips,
Run my tongue
along your shaft so warm,
You really are
the perfect storm,
Twirl my tongue
around the head,
Want you more
than just in bed,
Take the tip of your cock
inside my mouth and smile,
Open my mouth taking more
looking up all the while,
Flex your hips push in deeper
although there’s no haste,
I just want more of
your sweet taste,
Grip my hair and thrust harder
between my warm wet lips,
As I suck hard on your cock
one hand on your hips,
Breathing heavier the feelings
harder to control,
Push deeper and harder
nearing your goal,
And then you speak those magic words
baby I’m gonna cum,
My tongue slides along your shaft as I suck you so deep
and I slowly come undone,
You pull back just a little as you cum down my throat
the sexiest moan you make,
And your creamy goodness I don’t waste a drop
you empty and all I do take….