There is an edge to the world
and I’m slipping,
So many rocks
and I’m tripping,
Sometimes I wanna
close the door,
But I take a step
and fall through the floor,
And everything’s dark
as black as night,
And I’ve lost my way
can’t find the light,
All I see is endless
I think I treat
everyone like dirt,
It’s only a day I
shouldn’t act so rough,
It’s only one loss I
should act more tough,
And I know that to others
that’s where I should care,
Quit thinking of me
and for others be there,
Right now I
need the love instead,
I can’t rhyme anymore I’m

The mind is a treacherous thing… the way it torments and twists things and gets filled with so much doubt…

Its just a day… breathe…x.