*Adult content*

“Kitten it shows your writing. What are you writing?”


“Kitten. Are you behaving.”

(This not even a question).



(Hits send while I know he’s just writing my name. At which he deletes what he’s writing to read).

I dream of you…
My arms around you as you hold me close…
The warmth of your mouth against mine… against my neck as my hands travel downwards under your t-shirt… your hands undoing every button slowly on my shirt… the warmth of your skin under my fingers my body pressed so hard against yours I feel you growing hard as you kiss me harder, more feverently… pull your shirt off and kiss down you… drop to my knees and look up at you as I undo your belt, your watching me intently… undo the button and zip… slowly ease them down to a puddle at your feet. Your hard inside your panties… lick my lips as I look and then look up at you… seeing the need on your face, the want, the desire.
Slowly ease them down and your hard cock springs free… taking it in my hand, stroking my fingers along the warm hard shaft… leaning forward and licking the tip… running my tongue along your warm shaft. Kissing licking sucking… all the way down kissing and sucking the underside of your shaft to the base and running my tongue along your balls, feeling you tighten them. Sitting back a little and looking up with a smile at you… such need in your eyes… leaning forward and taking your cock in my warm wet mouth as I wrap my hand around the base and slowly take it in sucking and then back to the tip, rolling my tongue over the end before taking your cock deep into my mouth again. Your hand comes up and cups the side of my head as you thrust your hips forward and start to fuck my warm wet mouth….

“Kitten. Daddy’s at work. Should we be trying to wind Daddy up at work?”

(I send him a naughty picture).

“I love you Daddy💜”