….He is art
so chaotic and passionate and deep,
Such deep knowing eyes such a sexy smile
and I am lost in the secrets he does keep,
He is art
a raging whirlwind of emotions kept under lock and key,
Unleashed only with intimacy when he doesn’t hold back
let’s everything pour free,
He is art
such a sexy soul so quiet controlled,
He is my addiction I’m an addict
this addictions taken ahold,
He is art
the kind that pours itself into your soul,
The kind that doesn’t take a little
it’s the kind that takes you whole,
He is the kind of art that shakes your senses
that makes you realise nothing no one will ever be as good,
He’ll take all your thoughts and re order them
even when your feeling misunderstood,
You will fall so hard so deep
into this beautiful sensual chaotic man,
And 100% of you
he’ll settle for no less than….

You…. daydreamer are totally irrevocably hooked…. x.

(Written when drunk at about 2am this morning….)

For the one who walks paw prints across hearts….