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….Just my random little thoughts….

The sexual tension
of watching you walk,
The seductive destruction
of your voice as you talk,
Your lips
that devastating smile,
I can’t help but melt
gosh it’s so worthwhile,
Your eyes
dark pools to get lost in,
The epitome of sexy
your the most perfect little sin,
Your gorgeous secretive
addictive mind,
And I’m so utterly addicted
your a drug the perfect kind….

I think about you…. I care about you…. I am in love with you….



….He is art
so chaotic and passionate and deep,
Such deep knowing eyes such a sexy smile
and I am lost in the secrets he does keep,
He is art
a raging whirlwind of emotions kept under lock and key,
Unleashed only with intimacy when he doesn’t hold back
let’s everything pour free,
He is art
such a sexy soul so quiet controlled,
He is my addiction I’m an addict
this addictions taken ahold,
He is art
the kind that pours itself into your soul,
The kind that doesn’t take a little
it’s the kind that takes you whole,
He is the kind of art that shakes your senses
that makes you realise nothing no one will ever be as good,
He’ll take all your thoughts and re order them
even when your feeling misunderstood,
You will fall so hard so deep
into this beautiful sensual chaotic man,
And 100% of you
he’ll settle for no less than….

You…. daydreamer are totally irrevocably hooked…. x.

(Written when drunk at about 2am this morning….)

For the one who walks paw prints across hearts….



We are all so much stronger,  than we ever give ourselves credit for.x.

Show me what type of person you are
tell me your hopes and your dreams,
Tell me what makes you happy and glad
and what keeps you coming apart at the seams,
Tell me the dreams that do haunt you
when your laying awake in your bed,
Tell me all of doubt that you so believe
as it circles around in your head,
Show me your spectrum of grey
how the colours all smudge into one,
Show me that great big fake smile
as inside you are coming undone,
Tell me the story in your veins
tell me what sets alight to your skin,
Tell me what makes you burn brighter
what makes the fire rage from within,
Walk me through the passages
of your mind,
So I see all the troubles
you find,
Every time you think you can’t take any more
and you think that your all alone,
I want you to know that your cared for so much
and you don’t have to go it on your own….