….My endless thoughts….

Sometimes I feel so selfish
in the things I want from you,
I know some of these things are impossible
and others so hard to do,
The things I want are expensive
and yet none cost even a dime,
So I’ll start with the one that’s most precious
and that my sweet is your time,
I can’t help but miss you
whenever your not here,
And even though I understand I wish
that you were so very near,
I need your patience in me
for when I do things wrong,
And sometimes when the answer is very short I’ll
fuck up and make them long,
Understand my doubts
because when I look at you,
(I can’t help but see someone out of my league)
even though I enjoy the view ☺,
Know that I mean it
when I say that I care,
And i mean it even more when I
say I’m always there,
Forgive me for my emotions
sometimes they get the better of me,
But also know that you also control them
yes to a certain degree….

From here on out the words they don’t rhyme…. these are all just my feelings, written raw this time…. (yes I know, that bit rhymed).

But honestly, don’t doubt me…. What you see? It’s the real me. I try very hard not hide anything, and lay it out for you to see. Of course there are times, when I am told something confidentiality and as I’m known for my loyalty and trust, people say more than they usually would. It’s their secret not mine, so if online, these things I will delete. (I won’t betray anyone’s trust unless a life is in danger). I hope you will respect me more for that.
But I also won’t lie to you. As I crave honesty from you, so to will I give you my honesty in return….
When I tell you I love you, I don’t just say it for the sake of saying it, or just to make you happy or, to remind you of those words…. I say because I want you to know that there are simply no words adequate to say how much I feel for you, no words to express how much I care, (I worry when you use your phone and drive, so much).
  There are things I desire that I don’t say…. like how I wish you were here in the early hours when I awake, how I wish I could turn and see you breathing, the deep breaths of relaxed, restful slumber, in those hours 2,3,4am…. I long för being able to turn over in the morning and snake my arm around your waist, snuggling into the back of you….
But I also understand, I knew from the start. And from the start I never set out to fall in love with you, it just happened and if I could back? Then I guess I would only long to tick back years to find you qicker and love you longer, (to steal the words of the quote 😉).
Look I’m rambling…. but hey, my page, my thoughts, 1 rule…. total 1 hundred million percent honesty.
So to give it my honesty in as few words as possible….?

I am so in love…. With you….

I have Sweet Cat paw prints all across my heart and down my veins….

You are the sweetest most perfect sin….x.x.