If I could hold you
in the night,
Caress you softly
with true loves light,
Run my fingers
over your skin,
Your the sweetest perfect
sexy sin,
Trace my fingers
across your jaw,
Makes me need you
even more,
Stop my fingers
at your mouth,
My thoughts all sliding
heading south,
Leaning closer
look in your eyes,
Damn they’re like
the darkest skies,
My lips trace lines down you neck
across your shoulder,
My thoughts more feverish
actions boulder,
Find your ink
upon your arm,
A simple touch
but me you charm,
Trace your inks
with my tongue,
I unravel
come undone,
My lips they kiss
across your chest,
Your heartbeat the sound
that I like best,
My fingers slow dance
their way down your side,
Feelings hit me harder
such a high tide,
Fingers slide down
to the curve of your hips,
Followed with the warmth
of my soft wet lips,
Fingers slide further
to grace your thigh,
So hot you give me
such a high,
Fingers travel up
your cock stands proud small gasp escapes my lips,
Trace the shaft you feel so hard
under my fingertips,
Feverishly following
the scent of you,
I lick my lips
as I enjoy the view,
Open my mouth
your sweet taste,
Taking you deeper
fully embraced,
All I want is
to have you mine,
This moment of pleasure
suspended in time….


For J.L. with love.x.x.