There is a story
    a story of you,
And how you wrapped yourself
    around me so true….

  I love going into paperchase…. it’s where i buy all my blank books from to write in, I buy a new pen everytime  (usually purple). The last time I was in the shop you said I should write us….
I laughed it off and thought no more till a couple of days ago….
  It’s not us I write, I thought…..
…. It’s the story of you….
How you wrap your words around me….
How you turn each and every word into an art that would leave even the greatest painters…. the greatest poets…. envious….
How you unleash more words from my lips that come from somewhere so deep within, that I didn’t even realise those feeling where there until after I have written them.
  So I bought a book….


I considered a few things to write on the first page but simply….


Is all it needs to say….

And so this book will have every finished and unfinished poem and thought….
I’m going to fill every page with what I feel…. the words you’ve told me I express so beautifully….