From grace so soft
you fall you fall,
You land in the background
without a sound or call,
Oblivious to the sounds
that hit the senses from all around,
Searing pain in your chest
heavy burden by which your bound,
Why? you did ask
am I blessed with this heart?
It flutters and craves passion
far to fragile from the start,
Love makes it hurt
love makes it bleed,
And yet without love it’s empty
just an incessant hunger and need,
Your wings they turned brittle
and blew away in the breeze,
You whispered a silent prayer
heard only by the trees,
Again your question echos
is the heart real?
And then you were asked
have you forgotten how to feel?
And so you’ve been cast
from sky to the ground,
For you to be reminded how to feel emotions
and the love and wonder to be found,
Look up high at the stars
you’ve so much to relearn,
Until your wings they come back
and to your home you return….