It’s been a while since I wrote on here. Everything got to much and I felt like the things that were happening in life were out of my control. So an update is due….

On the 29th of May, me and my family were made homeless. We knew it was going to happen, all the trying to find a place to live had failed and honestly stressed, miserable, and angry, are the closest words to how I felt. It was stressing for my older children as they understood the uncertainty we were facing and my youngest 2 found an adventure that we were going to take, in the way younger children have that amazing ability to do. Going to the council office to “present” my family as homeless was…. well I felt ashamed that it had come to this. 

 The housing officer (who I’d already met) was great and after filling out forms and a lengthy discussion with her and a couple of other people, we got the keys to temporary accommodation in a place called Carlton Le Moorland.  By 5 pm we’d moved in.

Carlton Le Moorland is a beautiful place, it has no shops (the nearest are just over 1.5 miles away), and is really quiet and nice. The house was really nice and if not so far from the children’s schools would be the ideal place to stay.

While we were adjusting the housing team were still busy working. Now I know a lot of my followers are not in the UK, but it’s worth knowing that councils in the UK get a lot of bad stick. But they also do so much good as this just goes to show. 

On the 8th of June I met another housing officer to look round a house in Branston not far from where I originally lived. The house is really nice and we moved in and spent our first night under the roof of “our” house. Being a council property I signed a secure tenancy so (as long as I’m a good tennant), I can stay for as long as I want. It being a council property, if anything goes wrong they have a duty to fix it and to fix it promptly.  

Am I happier? Yes. Less stressed? Still stressing, but much less and about other things like trying to get the house in order (it currently looks like a shopping mall has exploded in it), and changing address on everything. I have had to change schools that 2 of my children go to as I now live directly across from a secondary school with the other being about 8 miles away. So to far.  

 So my eldest finishes school today, forever. Last exam (Physics) this afternoon and then next stop collage and apprenticeship. My 2 they went to a different secondary school start on Wednesday. And ALL of them are settling in ok so far….

  So what happens next? Well those pages aren’t written yet so time will tell I guess….