Fingertip grazes
kisses like rain,
Just one touch from you
and I am slain,
Temperature rises
bodies entwine,
Gasp heartbeat flutters
shivers down spine,
“….Cuffs….” You say
they jangle from your finger,
My stomach plummets exhilaration
my eyes they linger,
“….This is for the text
you sent me today,
I read it while in conversation
and my mind went astray”,
“….Wrists….” You say
and to each lay a kiss,
Encircle them in metal
my heartbeat does miss,
“….Look at me….” You say
and I shift my gaze to yours,
In that moment I see
my Sir who adores,
You give me that look
and I can’t help but burn,
I forget how to breathe
and you smile and say….
“….Now you will learn….”