Yes. This is for you….
  I have you on my mind now, in fact,  I’ve had you on my mind since I saw that song.
  Anyone on wordpress might read this but they don’t know me. They don’t know you (so your anonymous). *Sigh….* I guess I don’t even know if you’ll read this when it falls into your email inbox. Will you just delete? I don’t know. But see this is my page. My rules for it are simple. Write the truth. Every poem give it just a little of my heart, let my emotions flow. My page, my thoughts, my feelings, my whirlwind….
  Right now my thoughts are wandering down your path, (I’d like to know how they got into a different country since they definitely can’t swim). It’s not the first time I’ve written about you and I guess it won’t be the last….
  There’s this saying…. The biggest distance between two people is misunderstanding. That’s certainly true of me and you, we’re both guilty of it, we’ve both done it. (Like today….Sorry….).
  You have a type of loyalty from me that most won’t get. You’ve been there through some really hard times with your calm words keeping me going. There is a post on here saved to private for only me to read, where I wrote about just that. I worked it out, R-J wasn’t quite yet 2 when we first started talking. She’s 10 in June. Long time….
  As I write this the music that’s playing is not just  bleeding into my ears, but bleeding into my emotions, making me think to many different things and making it harder to write. As always…. it’s don’t say to much. But write enough. How can I write enough when I can’t write to much? Well I guess it’s not supposed to be easy.
  Here’s what I know. We could speak in the next half hour or at quarter to eleven tonight. We could speak tomorrow or even in 3 days time…. We might not speak for the next week, month, year. It doesn’t matter. We drift and collide…. (have you noticed?). Anyway…. It doesn’t change facts. In me you will always have a friend and I care about you. So stay safe, take care and above all…. What you wrote today…. let it out to someone….Please.x.

PS :- You can’t use those words “I give up