your on my mind,
And in the things that I do
a spark of you I find,
I skip your play lists
because they call of you,
The song right now Apologize – The last vegas
to my mood this just won’t do,
I shy away from to many emotions
afraid of getting lost in its sea,
But right now you feel like the tide
and you keep getting closer to me,
The next song
falls into place,
And all I am doing
is staring into space,
Thinking of words
and how to distance myself from them,
If I could just lock it all up
but then,
I sent you this song
it’s third from where I started
in this list,
And now the thoughts are annoying me
as to them I can’t resist,
I give up
but as soon as I write that your sing song voice I hear,
You don’t give up, will i ever be able to write those words
without having your words near?
So my playlist plays
and i guess it reflects my mood today,
And how thoughts of your words
they won’t go away,
I have better stuff
to do,
And I’m not gonna think
of you….



Apologize – The Last Vegas.
Save yourself – My Darkest Days.
Comes down like rain – W.E.T.
I’ll be there – W.E.T.
Hearts burst into fire – Bullet For My Valentine.
Smile – Sixx:AM.
Hell and high water. – Black Stone Cherry.
Love will leave a mark. – Red.
So far away – Red.
Falling apart – Papa Roach.

This last song made me chuck my phone across the room (for obvious reasons).

I’ll follow you into the dark. – Death Cab For Cutie.

Time for a change of music. I need new songs….