I was chatting with a group of friends in a cafe yesterday and a newer friend to our group has recently been to London for the first time. She was full of complaints about what assholes Londoners are. Being born in London I couldn’t help but smile, stick my hand out for her to shake and say…. “Hi! I’m an asshole, pleased to meet you!” This made everyone laugh. But it got me thinking….
  She’s kinda right in a way. In london everyone always looks so grumpy. When I watch them on the train or bus or even on the street. Yup. Grumpy faces. And if you said hiya to everyone you pass on the street, yeah, just don’t go there, that’s a no. But it’s also just the way it is.
  In Lincolnshire, where I live now, if you don’t say hi, or at least smile, your an anti social so an so….
Having lived in Lincolnshire since January 2000, I am proud I come from London just hopefully, I’m not a 100% asshole any more. 🙂
Hope you all have a great day 🙂