Please Sir bind me tighter
i need to feel that burn,
Use me for Your pleasure
as for Your pleasure i do so yearn,
On my knees
empty my mind,
Your breathing the most comforting
sound i find,
Gaze cast down
across the floor,
The scent of You near me
spiking my senses need You more,
“So still….” You say, hand upon my neck
trails blaze across my skin,
Your words set fire to me
and make the fire spread within,
“Stand.” You say quietly
my wrists still bound,
In giving myself to You i
am opened i am found,
You cover my eyes
so i can’t see,
My trust in you completely
You cradle my soul and set it free,
Your scent Your voice Your quiet command
You wrap around me the perfect sin,
” Mine. ” You say, and I hear the sound of leather in the air
time stands still and then You do begin….