Come closer my sweet
and mess with my mind,
Come closer and explore
tell me what you find,
Invade my thoughts
overflow my emotions,
Leave me wanting needing
feeling with the depth of oceans,
Bring me to my knees
till I obey only you,
Then take my heart in your hand
and I will follow you so true,
Leave me breathless take time
till your voice the only sound I hear,
Crush all my doubts
and take away my fear,
Shatter my heart
till it beats only for you,
Caress my scars with your words
the way only you can do,
Intoxicate me
own my mind body me whole,
And as I fall ever deeply for you
I offer you my soul….


….Inspired by ” Follow Me ” by Sparzanza and by You. You know who you are….x.