So I tried to write you a poem. I thought that if wrote it as poem then I could get down everything, let it all out and then it would be “over and done with”  <—- they are not the correct words to use but, well, I don't know the correct words….
I tried…. I must have started 10 different poems, all on my phone. In fact I just counted and it’s 14. 14 different poems each with the same rule…. To be honest and let it out, no holding back. Didn’t work because I still can’t get the damned words out my mouth, And worse my fingers are refusing to write them….(Stupid fingers).
But I got thinking…. go back and read.  Not just today, go back a week or 2 or 3 or 4, go back a month…. did you not notice? Cause I tried so hard not to but I guess my trying ain’t so good. (The only thing I’m good at is either fucking up or making an ass of myself, I guess). So are you blameless? Nope…. incredibly sweet and kind you. It’s just the way your made 🙂
Still can’t put those words in….

I can’t get you off my mind,
I try so hard and yet I find,
The thoughts they stay the ones of you,
And how I feel it stays so true,
I tried to write a poem to just get it down in a simple thought,
But these words they keep on failing me these words they can’t be bought,
So I started poem after poem today,
And in all of them so simple I used the words I want to say,
But pointless because these are just words,
And my words are useless they scatter in the softest breeze like birds,
And it doesn’t matter if I just don’t have the knowledge to get them right,
What’s the point in trying it’s pointless and I’ll be here all night….

This is one of the hardest things I’ve written and I know it’s because it’s for you. I’m not just writing trying to let it out.
Idiot words…. oh how I have cursed them writing this. I’m such a chatterbox and yet those words I can’t put here. Or maybe they are here, in between every line I’ve written?

I give up….