Feels like I’m standing
in a mine field,
Getting lost
in a time field,
And I’m afraid
of losing hope,
Of not keeping my head above the line
playing with the hangman’s rope,
Sometimes this path
it gets so steep,
And all these chasms keep opening
and I’m scared to leap,
I’m playing with worse than fire
now I’m messing with my heart,
And all these damned emotions
where’d they come from why did they start,
I just don’t wanna
But tell the truth about how I’m feeling
that’s to risky so I won’t try,
All these thoughts they need to stay
locked up tight,
It don’t matter if the norm
becomes to stay up all night,
My shoulders are broad
they can take this load,
These are my problems my fight
and I can do it walk this road,
So smile I just
Yep all you’ll see
is my smile….