I miss you
my thoughts turn to you and I miss you,
Hauntingly beautiful thoughts
memories so true,
Your eyes every time I blink
that nano second I close my eyes,
I drown in that sea
of depth defying brown a part of me dies,
I delete your texts on purpose
so I can’t hear your sexy voice,
But I can still recall it
why can’t I forget you why can’t I have that choice,
Your scent
how can it intoxicate my soul,
How can it wrap it’s self around my very being
how can it consume me whole,
And all this time i ask why you
time does not change it all these years do show,
That time will tell and time has told
the effect you have on me is beyond my control,
You why always you
these feelings shatter me at the back it’s always you,
I break my own heart trying to fight this
that’s when my walls cracking and my confusion shows true,
Your simple text today….
    and I’m back to square one….