Laying here
feel so raw,
Step in through hole
inside of floor,
Been here before
but don’t remember the door,
This place ain’t magic
Inside the door
a heart stands in the room,
Multifaceted it gleams
a jewel in the gloom,
Pulsating quietly
boom boom boom,
Gravity spins
impending doom,
Knife in my hand
slice the heart step inside,
Here is proof
that someone lied,
I see the secret I
need to hide,
The tears of an ocean
have been cried,
Everything’s going
on the slide,
With a gush I find I’m
somewhere new,
This must be a dream
it can’t be true,
Falling falling
into the blue,
Paper planes so many
overhead they flew,
They chase they chase
but I avoid them phew,
In a cave I look
at what someone drew,
These drawings span a life
as it unfold,
A story being read
but still untold,
Someone that’s been hurt
and not been consoled,
But they’ve learnt to breath again
a sight to behold,
Like so many out in the world
brave and bold,
We watch them the young
we watch them the old,
Hey look a rhyming poem
i’ve told I’ve told!!!!