It’s raining….
And as the rain hits my skin
it’s like a kiss from you blazing trails burning,
Removing rational thoughts
just to you my mind it’s turning,
Your lips across my skin kissing sucking tasting caressing
and suddenly there is no ground,
As all I feel is you on me
my heart beating faster the only sound,
Your scent that makes me delirious
more and more I need of you,
Your touch your breath against my skin
there is nothing that I am but lost to you so true,
Lean harder against me feel your intense heat
and I am nothing to this world this earth there is nothing but you….
To my lips you kiss your name a hundred million times
till your name is burned upon my soul,
Playing with it moulding it until I am nothing but yours
you own me my whole,
You affect me so deeply intricately
and yet so delicately cascading a passion such an intense heat,
That now I am lost to you with such intensity
your scent your oh so sexy voice I am lost to you everytime we meet….


….I am lost to everyone to everything….
                      ….but you….

To M…. You inspired me to write, so I feel it appropriate that the title is yours….
Thank you for the inspiration .x.

Hugs you always.x.x.