“Hi, how are you?”

….how am I?….

Well what you don’t know don’t matter….
What you don’t see you don’t need to know….

Emotionally I’m falling just being sucked down that hole
And as I think the words fall and skitter across the floor,
Until there’s nothing left but silence
There’s no lighted me any more,
And I can’t write because there’s to much
And I’m hurting there’s so much pain,
It’s all mixed up there’s this thunderstorm in my mind
And my soul is so lost in the rain,
And there’s no bright happy
There’s no sun,
Everything’s falling apart
Unravelling loosening undone,
And all I can do is stand here
And watch this destruction I can’t flee,
Slowly the chains of depression take hold
Suffocating I can’t break free,
Swallow me thick
Dark night,
Blind me cage me
Keep me from the light,
And on hands and knees I succomb to the
Eternal dark,
The nightmarish frights lay their hand to all
So barren and stark,
I kick back draw in
Another ragged breath,
Please stop this pain this hurt stop this drowning of my soul
Down this path is worse than death….

….”Hi, how are you?”….

Hey I’m good 🙂 how are you?”