I wanted to write and ask if you were awake
Coz my mind is hurting real bad,
There’s a tornado of thoughts a hurricane of emotions
And their all leaving me empty and sad,
You fill that void
I don’t know why,
I take another breath
Release my long held sigh,
This isn’t working
I need to be over you,
It’s like my soul’s been searching forever
And your what it needs so true,
You’ve infected my skin heart mind and soul
Infected it all,
It makes me weak
And you stand tall,
Line me up
To take the fall,
I’m your fool
Just at your beck and call,
When will I learn
Is it possible to break free,
Of this bond bound by the chains of time
To forget about you and just be me,
But you I don’t want to
Your in my heart, my soul
My skin,
Here’s a knife cut me deeper
Never stop coming in….


….I am and always will be….
….your fool….