Softly whisper

softly hear,

Those words I long

so dear so clear,

Talk me a spell

whispered on the breeze,

Weave your magic

through the trees,

Down hills over valleys

across the sea,

Whisper your magic

tell it to me,

A train sounds in the distance

a soft-ish clickity  clack,

Then slowly disappears fading

it changed its course its track,

The pit pit pitter-patter

of sweet soft summer rain,

It tells a wondrous story

makes me love you more again,

I listen to those whispered words

your spells eerie echo’ed song,

And I know I’ll fall in love

so deeply forever and for so long,

Show me your stars as I’m coming closer

cascade your rain upon my skin,

Over flow me with emotion

till it pours forth from within,

Show me again your smile

before you turn to go,

Let me feel your warmth your sweet embrace

then turn your back as over you tell me so….