Your sweetest sorrowful song

fire lighted hairs upon my neck,

Shiver kisses across my skin 

my breath not held in check,

My mind stalled at the notes

your voice a sweet butterfly,

Pulled at my heart a spellbinding beauty

of that I can’t deny,

You flutter so softly

as you fall to the floor,

And then rise so gracefully

with a passion once more,

You lay an icicle

on my spine,

You don’t play a melodious ruling


You sing a song

of fate,

Of a destiny

that cannot wait,

Piano oh piano

play this song again for me,

Violinists please re show

how you release the music so free,

Cellists bassoonist flute


Weave your story in harmony

leave me breathless and yet,

Tantalize me wash over me

the melody s story of passion and pain,

Hit me with the love regret and heartbreak

leave me truly slain,

Your story nearly finished

the music fading away right now,

The conductor ends the harmony

then turns for a final bow….