( Part 2 )

Laying in this bed

no sleep all night it’s true,

My thoughts they have spun

intoxicated by you,

I hold the pillow


Don’t know why

it just feels right,

I take all these words

and cast them out,

I can’t fight against this much longer

no I just won’t shout,

Your smell your smell

enveloping wrapping its tendrils around,

I am lost on your smell

to every sound,

This pillow this quilt this room

everywhere I look everything I see,

All set to play its part

to remind me of you to have an effect on me,

I’m an addict

and your a drug so true,

I’m just hopelessly helplessly addicted

to you….

But no its not an addiction

with you it’s so much more,

You take away my standing

and leave me on the floor,

Everything’s up and

whats up is down,

Everything’s right but wrong

but spun around,

It’s fresh but not new

just comforting quiet and old,

It plays ever so slowly

and yet a story unfold,

Those words they hit me

with the force of a car,

Those ending words

those true words are,

“And I am lost on every


“Until there’s nothing no thought but you

til I hit the ground….”


….For you….

….All ways for you….