You break me with words

you wreck my mind,

You blow so hot cold

it makes you unkind,

You rake blades

through my heart,

You never finish

what you start,

You must know

what you do,

And I am such a fool

for you,

Here only when you want

you only have it your way,

I’m bleeding you fool

yet I hang on what you say,

It seems nothing but a game

a silly game you play,

And yet you so have it

all your own way,

Your master

you rule,

And I

am your fool,

A fool for your smile

a fool for your word,

Your oh so sexy voice

every syllable I’ve heard,

And you know

and you know,

I’m the fool

for your show….



I wish someone would rip my heart out and burn it, turn it to ash,

for me to blow your name away, something for me to smash,

But instead your name is here, burned upon my heart,

I didn’t ask for it to be this way, I didn’t ask it from the start,

You intoxicate me, you capture my whole,

you mess with my mind, body heart soul….