Eye heavy with

a thousand tears unshed,

Heart breaking with hurt

a million drops not bled,

Feelings crushed

broken raw,

Give up succumb to it

emotions tattered on the floor,

A hundred thousand million years may pass

when I am nothing but the forgotten shadow of dust,

When all that is left is a ghosted echo of spirit

where my heart broke for you on the floor just rust,

Were my essence if could

would give up forever just to touch you,

To feel like the breeze a sweet caress around you

and feel your heartbeat strong and true,

To remember the bitter sweet

of the memories gone by but no more,

A ghost trapped in time

left to wander behind your door,

For now eye still heavy

with a thousand tears unshed,

A heart breaking so hard

a million drops still unbled,

Skin cut open trying 

to get your name out,

Nothing but a whimper

no never never can shout,

The echo’ed ticking of the clock

seconds minutes hours days,

Sharp intake of breath

move forward in ways,

Feelings still crushed

broken and raw,

Emotions like tattered lace

splay patterns across the floor….




Inspired by…. Nickelback “Lullaby”

Train “Hopelessly”

The Goo Goo Dolls “Iris” and “Name (New version)”