Wow doesn’t time fly? It doesn’t seem that long ago since I last posted a poem on here and yet it is…. I decided that as I was having so many downs and not enough ups it was best not to. I was and am, still writing though.
  I’ve felt so sad just lately not depressed like usual, but sad, really sad, the upset kinda sad. The worst is I’m not sure why. I don’t want to eat, I can’t sleep and I have so much on my mind I’ve lost my light and wondered onto the path of gray…. I catch glimpses of my lighted path but the trees and bracken just keep getting in the way….
  Hmmmmm?  Now I’ve written it, it seems kinda silly but yeah, this is me and it’s how I feel. Kind of…. How can you be happy but sad? I don’t know but, this is where I am. Oh well. There are those that feel worse and if I feel like this, the only way left to go is up isn’t it? So I’m looking for the positive  🙂
  I think I’m gonna go get my book turn my phone off, log in via the pc and post a poem…. ( it’s about time).
  Happy Sunday to you all, I hope its a day filled with people and places you care about and that make you so happy. Much hugs.x.