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So many different meanings can be read from this….
You might think it odd but, I like it  🙂



Just a little thought….

They say that
  The best poets
       Are heartbroken….

Every time you
   Break my heart
       The best words spill
            So maybe it’s true….

So will you take me
   Will you make me
       Will you break my heart
            Once more….?

Will you crush me
   Will you break me
       Leave me bleeding
            On the floor….


For  ……  .x.



Eye heavy with

a thousand tears unshed,

Heart breaking with hurt

a million drops not bled,

Feelings crushed

broken raw,

Give up succumb to it

emotions tattered on the floor,

A hundred thousand million years may pass

when I am nothing but the forgotten shadow of dust,

When all that is left is a ghosted echo of spirit

where my heart broke for you on the floor just rust,

Were my essence if could

would give up forever just to touch you,

To feel like the breeze a sweet caress around you

and feel your heartbeat strong and true,

To remember the bitter sweet

of the memories gone by but no more,

A ghost trapped in time

left to wander behind your door,

For now eye still heavy

with a thousand tears unshed,

A heart breaking so hard

a million drops still unbled,

Skin cut open trying 

to get your name out,

Nothing but a whimper

no never never can shout,

The echo’ed ticking of the clock

seconds minutes hours days,

Sharp intake of breath

move forward in ways,

Feelings still crushed

broken and raw,

Emotions like tattered lace

splay patterns across the floor….




Inspired by…. Nickelback “Lullaby”

Train “Hopelessly”

The Goo Goo Dolls “Iris” and “Name (New version)”



~ Mind threads…. ~



Say it to me

these walls are closing,

Like a druggie I

just need dosing,

Help me rip

these four walls high,

Show me the warmth

let me see the sky,

I’m falling 

into black,

The cold envelopes you

entwined from the back,

The cold the fear

the icy dread,

It’s you it’s you

you don’t belong,

Change path change track

find me a song,

Tripping just tripping

over a dream,

Funky horror-iffic-land

yet it’s not what it seem,

The people distorted

yet bad people you know,

For fucks sake wake up

it’s time to let go,

They haunt you they haunt you

the screams in your mind,

You wake up your still screaming

your still dreaming you find,

There’s shadows in the passage

they move about the hall,

The bed cover entangle around you

you run you trip you fall,

You fall

you fall,

Until there’s nothing

at all,

The beating drum

of a heavy heart,

Your hearing on alert

the breathing does start,

I hear the hoofs

like thunder clap,

The blood drains away

the energy sap,

Through the mist

eyes glow so red,

With you I wish

that I was dead,

Allways screaming

in my bed,

The heavy breathing

eyes eerie red,

The horse it snorts

a staggered breath,

You are my fearsome nightmare

a sight worse than death,

You point a bony finger

it caresses across my soul,

Then you laugh maniacally  

and your sound consumes me whole,

Launch forward in your saddle

and I know that I must run,

For fucks sake please wake up

let me see the sun….



I was Page hopping and oh wow…. if you haven’t been to qwertythoughts289  why not? Hit the link below and read “A Broken Promise”  To sum it up in 3 words? Enchantingly, Beautifully, Heartbreaking…. Go see  🙂 

A Broken Promise.

~ Homeless Man In Shadows…. ~



Cast shadow inside

ebony mind,

Blood drenched walls

at first you find,

Screams and echos 

of pains gone by,

Someone reach out

you jump to the sky,

Black cloud so soft

like velvet tis true,

Engulfing enveloping

swallowing you,

Fall you fall

fall through the stars,

You slip you slip

through realities bars,

Forgotten forgotten

you cast out a net,

Does anyone care

your classed freak but yet,

Has anyone ever listened

does anyone know,

Your story so great

from not to long go,

Successful and healthy

fighting a war,

You served did your duty

the army’s law,

The horrors you saw 

engraved in your skin,

A branding iron burned

you killed so you sin,

You helped you saved lives

but that’s not what you see,

You left with honors you came home

to be what you could be,

But the ghosts they came with you

they torture your soul,

They give you nightmares torment your mind

your a mere shadow of your whole,

The gunfire the marching

the running the tanks the hum,

The explosions the bodies the blood

the scene replays and comes undone,

Your eyes are open but you still see it

you remind yourself to breathe,

You get up move a little slower

but from the shadows you don’t leave,

You fell through the cracks till you had nothing

the concrete street an empty door,

I buy you a meal a few teas coffees we talk

always wish I could do more,

One day you said “Hey if your not busy come to group”

saw more of you than before,

The path you walk is perilous

you say you must walk it alone,

The things you say society 

it just wouldn’t condone,

Group has helped you get a flat

you have a roof you have a home,

And so many are glad they know you

you need never feel your on your own,

The path you walk you know may take years

and little steps are the way to go,

You still remind yourself to breathe

but in time you say you know,

Life will one day get

a little brighter,

and the nightmares will get

a little lighter,

I was talking to someone else from your group earlier

and saw you burst out laughing the smile hitting your eyes so true,

So glad I had the courage that day to say hey wanna go get a drink?

but more so I am honored honored to have a friend like you….






(Written on the 23/12/13)

This song played on random

on my playlist today,

The song started and I stopped

reminded of you with every word he does say,

Tonight’s playlist you wrote

that email I couldn’t delete,

Of all the songs you sent

that one my mind does repeat,

I scrapped your number

removed from my phone,

But that doesn’t mean I don’t think about you

more so when I’m alone,

When I can’t sleep at night

and the t.v. plays on and on,

It’s 2 3 4 in the morning

not texting ever feels just wrong,

History so much past

jumbled with so much now,

With you everything’s intertwined (could it ever not be?)

my heart screams reach out but my mind says get on with it but how,

Wes Scantlin’s voice sings on and

i think about those words he sings,

Thoughts flutter but are ripped away again

feelings float with you but its always to much so many things,

So many things I could write

but whats the point whats the use,

I’ve nothing to gain

but so much to lose,

I put this


To finish later


And you sent a 


I did not 


Now I think

of you more,

It’s 10 times harder

than before….




Inspired by the song “Blurry” (Album version) By Puddle Of Mudd.

(Thanks for sending me this song. You know who you are.x.)





Wow doesn’t time fly? It doesn’t seem that long ago since I last posted a poem on here and yet it is…. I decided that as I was having so many downs and not enough ups it was best not to. I was and am, still writing though.
  I’ve felt so sad just lately not depressed like usual, but sad, really sad, the upset kinda sad. The worst is I’m not sure why. I don’t want to eat, I can’t sleep and I have so much on my mind I’ve lost my light and wondered onto the path of gray…. I catch glimpses of my lighted path but the trees and bracken just keep getting in the way….
  Hmmmmm?  Now I’ve written it, it seems kinda silly but yeah, this is me and it’s how I feel. Kind of…. How can you be happy but sad? I don’t know but, this is where I am. Oh well. There are those that feel worse and if I feel like this, the only way left to go is up isn’t it? So I’m looking for the positive  🙂
  I think I’m gonna go get my book turn my phone off, log in via the pc and post a poem…. ( it’s about time).
  Happy Sunday to you all, I hope its a day filled with people and places you care about and that make you so happy. Much hugs.x.

Right now….


Right now so true….


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