I wanna call you

but I can’t find the phone,

I wanna tell you I still need you

changed my mind don’t want us to go it alone,

Your side of the bed is cold

i miss your warmth your touch,

I miss the way you look at me

and tell me you love me so much,

Then I think of all the arguments

and how we couldn’t go on,

I saw it in your eyes that crushing weight

as with words on you I unleashed 10 ton,

Your eyes they filled with tears

your beautiful deep eyes your handsome face,

And my emotions started spinning because I love you

but the fights the rows we need space,

You packed your stuff but kept your key

when you closed the apartment door in the hall I fell,

I sobbed all those tears

you stood the other side of the door and heard them as well,

The next day at the office I

looked a right mess,

When giving the presentation

i couldn’t have said less,

My boss didn’t look

with to much surprise,

I saw the knowledge

reflected in his eyes,

But then I know

he already knew,

Because he’s such good friends

with you,

Now I’m sitting here feeling so lost

at home,

I wanna call you but we need space 

but I love want need you don’t wanna be alone,

I wanna text you

but I can’t reach the phone,

I wanna call you

but we need space all I said I can’t touch the phone,

The key goes in the lock

the tears slide down my face,

And then your standing there looking so hot in the way you do

leaning against the door your favorite place,

You haven’t shaved dark circles under your eyes

your clothes look all scruff,

But all I see is your handsome face your amazingly deep eyes

here in your dirty shirt with your smell I must look so ruff,

You hold out your hand I take it 

wrapping our arms around each other,

Your the only one I want I need I love

your my friend half of my whole my partner my lover,

These days have been so hard

that have past,

But we’re stronger we’ll work it

we’re together we’ll last,

I love you….