( Obsession…. )


Walking round I’m

going crazy,

And life it gets

just kinda hazy,

I try I try I try

and yet I find,

I just can’t push you out

get you off my mind,

Stamp my feet

shout till my throats sore,

And yet these feelings are still here

just like before,

The smell your smell

it invades my mind,

Till I smell it

everywhere I find,

It intoxicates me

consumes me whole,

Messes with my heart

body and soul,

And your voice your voice

i hear it everywhere,

Till I’m screaming screaming

i just don’t care,

I’m addicted to you

your some weird drug,

It makes me ill

like I caught some strange bug,

I try I try I try

don’t like feeling this about you,

And yet it don’t matter the distance or the off putting stuff I know

these feelings are still here driving me crazy it’s true,

I wanna say I hate you 

but I don’t,

I wanna say I’ll never talk to you again

but I won’t,

I delete your number

then throw my phone,

Why can’t years miles time

these feelings leave me alone,

I wanna hate you 

and yet I find,

I’m always drawn to you

your there at the back of my mind….