I got bored and started doodling while listening to the radio, this is what I ended up writing from the nameless songs I was listening to….


~ To stay untitled…. ~


You know I wonder what your thinking

and if you think of me,

I wonder if your still fighting

or of your demons are you free,

Looking in your eyes

the other day,

What was left

what was there to say,

I saw the hurt

i’m not blind,

But it needed to be said

i never wanted to be unkind,

You keep on playing

this silly game,

And I can’t compete

it’s….   your not the same,

I need you yeah

but can’t do this no more,

And until you wise up

between us there’s this door,

It doesn’t mean I don’t care

it don’t mean I’m not here,

It means that cuz of your screwing around I’m

just afraid to get near,

So staying away I’m gonna be

we talked I hope it works,

I love you your original

your personality and your quirks,

But that doesn’t matter

cuz it’s like I said before,

Unless you wise up and change

between us there’ll always be this door….