Foot steps sound unearthly

as they echo on steps of stone,

Like a hundred thousand feet before them

they go past the hall with the throne,

Lichen on stone walls

all worn smooth by time,

The clunk of chain mail the clink of armour

the eerie sounds of a past life line,

The cries the shouts

long live the king,

The sound of metal crash in battle

the unseen horrors the sound does bring,

Ghosted candle knocked over

the rush of the flames they roar,

The screams the cries of the trapped

the pounding as others they rush for the door,

Sickly smell of burned skin

charred marks on stone,

Up in flames went the throne room

the king he lost his home,

The battle he did win

and building his kingdom he did again,

For historians to tell his stories

of a great king and his men….