I feel the need 

the need to run,

Cuz everything’s unraveling

coming undone,

Emotions slipping

fall into rewind,

Uncertainty hits fast forward

there’s havoc in my mind,

The back beat gets faster

the music loses control,

And I can’t stop the endless slipstream 

confusion’s on a roll,

The spindle spins wild

and screams all night long,

Reality jumps to a different track

working at shit o’clocks now its song,

The life song splits

starts anew,

Can’t differentiate 

false and true,

I see the ghost of a memory

crushed raw about you,

A new stem grows up from the rubble

weaving and weaving it finds a way through,

The sunlight pierces 

blackest night,

It blinds it blinds

a white so bright,

Change the track to a new song

hit me up drug my veins give it to me once more,

Let me free fall let me free fall till I crash burn

hit the floor….